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Many thanks to Close Encounters with the Night Kind Blog and Natasha Blackthorne for organizing this blog hop.


Don’t forget about the NOCTURNAL WHISPERS Release Party – Feb 1 to Feb 29! Many thanks to those of you who have already downloaded NOCTURNAL WHISPERS and those who have agreed to review it!

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In case you can’t see the excerpt below, you can cut and past this link:

Nocturnal Whispers Erotic Paranormal Romance Excerpt

Discover THE LOST Energies: The Shroud of Turin

Continuing with our discussion of all things magical and mystical, today’s entry is a sacred relic about which there has been much talk and controversy: The Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud is a piece of linen bearing the likeness of a man who has suffered physical injuries that bear likeness to those which would occur from a crucifixion.

Over the years tests have been performed on small bits of the Shroud for purposes of carbon-dating it and analyzing the various blood stains, pollen, textiles, etc. which made up the shroud.

In 1988, tests to date the Shroud indicated that it likely came from the Middle Ages, possibly from around 1260 and 1390. Additional tests show the presence of iron commonly used in pigments, and yet pigments do not form the image. Although there is blood, DNA testing was not possible and so no one knows if the blood belongs to the man covered by the Shroud or to someone handling the Shroud. Images of flowers pressed onto the Shroud as well as the pollens suggests that the shroud does come from Jerusalem and/or the Middle East. Analysis of the man confirm injuries consistent with crucifixion, but some question the proportions of the forehead, arms and legs as being out-of-sync.

But here’s the thing about the Shroud. No one, and I mean no one, can explain how the image got there.

The image has 3-D qualities that cannot be explained by saying that somehow someone in the Middle Ages was able to create a photograph on the linen. Tests have shown that the image does not contain any pigments and so it cannot be attributed to a painting. Various scientists have tried to recreate the image on similar textiles, but have not been able to do so and match the known physical properties of the image.

Many surmise that it took a great deal of energy, a source which is too high to reproduce in a laboratory, to create the image.

Energy. It’s all around us and in us. Is it possible that the person in the shroud possessed incredible energy that was released at death or as some Christians believe, at the moment of resurrection?

What’s your take on this? Have you been to Turin to see the Shroud?

Busy Monday Morning!

I’m taking a break today from our usual Guilty Pleasure Monday because it’s a very busy Monday morning.

Take a moment to visit the Danger Women Writing Blog where Cynthia Eden is chatting about sexy heroes and offering up an ARC of NEVER CRY WOLF, her June 28th release from Kensington Brava, to one lucky commenter.

Using Random.org, I’ve picked two winners for my Getting to Know You Blog: Cindy L. and Jane T. both win STRONGER THAN SIN T-shirts, copies of STRONGER THAN SIN, bath gels and other goodies!! Please e-mail me your postal addresses so I can send out your prizes.

THE LOST Paranormal RomanceBut the fun and prizes don’t stop there! This morning I am over at Attacking the Page discussing how to write a sexy love scene. Drop by and leave a comment for a chance to win an ARC for THE LOST, the first book in my new paranormal romance series from Forever Romance.

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Blair Underwood

This morning’s Guilty Pleasure is Blair Underwood who is probably best known for his stint on L.A. Law many years ago where he played a determined young attorney.

Blair has done a number of movies and stints on various television shows. His current role is on THE EVƎNT as Cuban-American President Elias Martinez. Hubby and I have been watching THE EVƎNT, although we really don’t know why. It’s being hailed as a combination of LOST and 24 and yet the paranormal elements are just not there enough for me and the suspense is there, but more low-key than the driving action in 24.

How about for you? Are you watching THE EVƎNT? What do you think of it so far?

Photo Credit: Alan Light@en.wikipedia.com

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Matthew Fox

We’ve done some LOST hotties before (Josh Holloway and Daniel Dae Kim), but it somehow seems appropriate to do yet another LOST hottie today since the show just ended.

I have to confess that my immediate reaction wasn’t “What a Hottie!” I thought Matthew was kind of cute, but I’d seen him looking better (the ill-fated HAUNTED about a cop who has a near death experience and comes back with special powers.)

But Matthew got better and better looking as the show went on and can hold his own with any of the other gorgeous men on the show. I hope that we’ll get to see lots more of him in other projects in the future!


As for the LOST series finale, what are your thoughts on it? I had said to my husband long ago that I thought the island was purgatory and that the people were dead and could not move on until they had either redeemed themselves or had closure about the issues in their lives. LOL! I guess I wasn’t so far off the money.

What I’m missing is — What was this “sideways” world? Another holding station before going to heaven?

If you have any thoughts about it, please share them!

Thoughtful Thursday – Time Flies

timeFirst of all, my apologies for not getting a Wicked Wednesday offering for you, but I ran out of time yesterday for a number of reasons.

In the morning I was busy finalizing the next vampire book – ARDOR CALLS – which will be out sometime in 2010. Then I had to pick up my daughter from school since she just finished her finals. It was a mad day of rushing around and watching time fly by.

Which brings up this Thoughtful Thursday topic – Time.

It’s been the subject of two of my favorite shows – FRINGE and LOST. Probably no wonder about that since J.J. Abrams has his hands in both shows.

But even before that I’ve been fascinated by all the theories of time – that it’s a mobius loop or that each decision we make creates a different branches of time, including one where we made a different decision. Then there’s the whole time seeming slow or fast on any given day.

For me, this year just seems to have gone whizzing by. My hubby feels the same way, so I asked my daughter on the car ride home yesterday, “Did this year seem to go slow for you?” to which she replied, “No, it just went way too fast.”

I was glad to hear she felt the same way, but that’s another theory of time. That it isn’t regular the way we think of it with minutes and hours being a set length. Some people think that a minute in time can actually take be longer or shorter which accounts for our perceptions of it being a fast or slow day.

What do you think? Next time you think the day is going fast, ask someone else? Do they feel the same way? If they do, does that mean that the 24 hours are going much faster than they really are?

Thoughtful Thursday – Television Shows

tvI know I’ve probably told you in the past, but I love television. Whenever I’m working on a book or cooking or exercising, the television is on. The habit goes way back. When my husband and I were first dating, he asked me if my family knew where the OFF switch was on the television.

I actually learned my first words in English from television. I vaguely recall that it was the words to the Doublemint gum commercial. You know, Doublemint adds to your fun . . .

If you had to guess which kinds of shows I watch, you’d probably guess that it would be those with either law enforcement or paranormal activities. You’d be right. I love LOST and FRINGE. I don’t miss NCIS and even catch that three hour block on USA Network when I can. BONES is another don’t miss as well as HOUSE. CRIMINAL MINDS and NUMBERS slip in there as well since I record them.

I do take time for some sitcoms, however — THE BIG BANG THEORY and CHUCK being my two favorite sitcoms. What can I say? I love nerds and both of these shows have a truly loveable collection of nerds.

What kinds of shows do you like? Are there any you won’t miss no matter what?

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