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#WriteWed The Power of Pets

I remember when I wrote THE LOST and one of the opening scenes including Spottie, the hero’s pet beagle. In the original version of the scene, it wasn’t quite clear whether the shapeshifting hero drained the dog of life and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, said “Don’t kill the dog!”

I had never meant for the hero to harm the dog and he didn’t, but I had to make sure that was obvious in the scene. Since it was a gflashback to the hero’s youth, that was the only appearance of Spottie. Here’s a photo of the real Spotty who was my husband’s childhood pet.
Spotty the Beagle

Now, while working on #2 in the AT THE SHORE contemporary romance series, I realize that I’ve never really had a book where a pet plays a real role in the story line until now.

Meet Dudley, Jonathan Pierce’s terrier that he rescued from the shelter.
You’ll first encounter Dudley in #1 in the series – ONE SUMMER NIGHT – but it’s in the second story that Dudley really seems to bring people together. There is just something about this cute, smart and obedient pup that breaks down barriers.

The power of pets to do that isn’t something new. There have been various articles that tout the marvelous benefits of pets in helping people to heal emotionally and physically. When you’re feeling down or alone, what’s better than the love freely given by your cat or dog? I confess I have a turtle also, but it’s not very easy to cuddle up to her (or him?)

I’d love to hear about your pets and how they make your life better!

#WriteWed Power Love Redemption Hate in THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire Series

One of the things I’ve loved about writing THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire series is exploring the motivations that drive some of the immortals in the stories. My desire to explore is driven by that age-old adage about absolute power corrupting absolutely. Imagine the kind of power that immortals have, whether Slayer or Vampire. Imagine what they can do once they are possessed of that power.

I’ve loved seeing how characters that start out good, like Blake from FURY CALLS, who started out protecting his younger brothers from abuse, lose their goodness when they’re turned. Blake embraces his vampire power and not in a good way, but I also love a good story about the strength of love and redemption. That’s what FURY CALLS is all about and I loved seeing how Blake retrieves the goodness inside him in order to protect the woman he loves.

Taming the Vampire Box SetIn DARE TO LOVE from the TAMING THE VAMPIRE Box set, Vampire Slayer Benjamin has maintained his goodness despite seeing his family brutally killed by vampires. Unlike some of the other Slayers, who can’t wait to sanction a vampire, Benjamin retains the belief that even vampires can be good. When Benjamin’s brother is twisted by hate that destroys him, Benjamin has to deal with the consequences, but can he resist the power he’s been given and find balance in his new life? Can he allow himself to love another Slayer while fighting to retain the goodness inside him?

That battle to allow love to overcome hate, to be redeemed when power threatens to corrupt Benjamin’s soul, is the heart of DARE TO LOVE, the next story in THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire series. DARE TO LOVE is the start of that story and I will have Benjamin and his love, Rhiannon, in future stories so you can see where their love will take them.


    Months earlier, Slayer Council member Benjamin hadn’t been ready to die and begged for his life from a compassionate vampire. Being turned and living as a vampire had created a new hell for him, however. He was no longer welcome in the Council, but tolerated as their ranks had been depleted. He knew that it was just a matter of time until someone staked him, but he wanted to make the most of it, especially when it came to Slayer-in-training Rhiannon.

    Rhiannon had been attracted to Ben when he had been her instructor in the ways of the Slayers. His death had caused her grief, but his return was proving to be even more difficult as she battled her growing feelings for the Slayer-turned-vampire who was shaking up her beliefs in all that she had been taught.

    Can Ben and Rhiannon dare to defy the rules of the Slayers and find love or will Fate make them enemies sworn to kill one another?


DARE TO LOVE is part of the TAMING THE VAMPIRE box set which is now available for pre-order. It’s specially priced at 99 cents, so don’t miss this awesome deal for 25 ALL NEW releases that are not available anywhere else.

You can purchase TAMING THE VAMPIRE at these online retailers:

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Power love redemption hate in The Calling is Reborn Vampire Romance series

#ThrowbackThursday My Funny Valentine

Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share of photo of me with my Valentine – my hubby. And yes, he’s funny and my friend. He’s been supportive through both good times and bad. Is it all perfect? Of course not. A marriage takes work and a give and take (a theme of the new story I’m writing by the way).

So here we are during our honeymoon in Hawaii. We were getting on a boat for a romantic dinner cruise.
Honeymoon in Hawaii

How I met my Valentine!

With it being Valentine’s Day, it seems like a good time to share with you how I met my Valentine and I’d love to hear from you how you met yours!

Here goes…

It was Freshman orientation and I noticed a young man in the group of new students all hanging out during orientation. We exchanged some conversation and names but then got dragged away with friends. Like teenagers do, once I got back to my dorm room, I plopped down with my friends to look through what was known as the Freshman Record to try and find the cute guy I had just met.

The Freshman Record was a kind of like a yearbook which had pictures and basic information about the incoming students. Luckily for me, it wasn’t hard to find the young man who had caught my eye. Also lucky for me, it turned out we had the same major and he was in most of my classes.

A couple of days later, I went to my biology class where the professor had put up a seating chart for the class. I checked it and found out that my little crush was sitting right in front of me in class.

But before I go on, please understand that I had very little experience with guys. I had spent most of my high school days involved with classes, playing the bassoon, and sports, not men. So unlike my kick ass heroines, I was not the kind to take charge and win the heart of the hero. I was not suave and saucy and boy did it show on that fateful day.

I took my seat in bio class and as my cutie came down the aisle, he sat down in the wrong row and chair. He turned around to say “Hi” and I said “Hi” back and proceeded to tell him he was sitting in the wrong place.

DUH! He was a little shocked, but then he grinned and went back to check the seating chart. A few seconds later he returned and sat right in front of me, still smiling. He clearly realized that I had checked him out.

Well, what can I say? I guess it was meant to be from that moment. He was cute and funny and smart and here we are, a long time later.

How did you meet your Valentine? If you haven’t met him/her yet, what would your perfect Valentine be like?

Here’s a picture of me and my Valentine!

The Lights of Love

There is just something about Christmas lights that brings joy to my heart. They are so festive and full of fun. I love to see kids faces lighting up as they gaze upon the wonder of seeing all the colors in the night sky.

There is one house on the way home from the train station that even has the lights timed to music that plays on a FM signal that they broadcast. Just seeing that house on the way home says that it’s Christmas.

Now I know that there are those who say it’s a waste of energy and that the lights are not about the Christ and yes, I do understand both of those points.

But if people put up these lights to share their love of the Christmas season and if they enjoyed doing so with their families and if they bring other people joy with these lights, isn’t that in part what Christmas is all about? Love, sharing and joy?

So on that note, take a moment to check out these photos of some really amazing Christmas light displays. Just click here or cut and paste this link into your browser:
My Neighbor's House

Thursday 13 – Holiday Favorites

With Christmas just over two weeks away, I am struggling with work and writing deadlines and getting the house ready for Christmas Eve, and yet there is no denying that I am getting in the holiday mood. I love this season with all that it represents – love for each other and sharing that love through the simple things like a hug or a smile. For Christians like me, the celebration of our Lord’s birth and embracing the principles of love and respect for all humans, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. The important things, you know.

But there are also the little things that bring a smile and lift the heart and so today I am sharing thirteen of those little things that elicit joy in me during this holiday season!

1. Christmas carols. Love to hear them and sing them.

2. The smell of roast pork on Christmas Eve morning.

3. Hot apple cider.

4. Hot chocolate.

5. Christmas lights.

6. Santas. One year we were on a train filled with dozens of Santas on the way to Santacon. What a blast!

7. The Nutcracker. We go to see the ballet every year as part of our holiday tradition.

8. Christmas trees. Love picking one out and decorating it (look for more on this on Fun Friday).

9. Exchanging gifts with friends and family.

10. A child’s face on Christmas morning as it lights up at the presents Santa brought.

11. Watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original animated one).

12. Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends.

13. Going to NYC to see the holiday windows, the tree in Rockefeller Center and the pond at Bryant Park.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Thursday Thirteen. I welcome you to share some of your favorite things about the holiday season.

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others’ comments. It’s easy, and fun!

As a P.S. – This is a photo my Christmas village from a few years back. It’s still in the works this season and I hope to finish it soon!

Happily Ever Afters

Photo Credit:  Microsoft Clip ArtAs a romance writer, even a paranormal romance writer, there is one thing that I cannot fail to do — deliver a Happily Ever After!

In books it’s easy to do if you set up the conflict correctly, know what issues need to be resolved and last, end the book while the couple are in the throes of that blissful true love moment.

In life, and in books, the Happily Ever After once that blissful moment is over is sometimes not so easy to maintain. It’s why I loved being able to revisit Diana and Ryder from DARKNESS CALLS in their second book – DEATH CALLS. It’s probably why I’ll write yet another story featuring them since readers understand that achieving that Happily Ever After can be difficult, but oh so joyous when it finally happens.

With the benefit of age and hopefully some wisdom, I look back at my marriage and realize that it hasn’t been easy staying married. There have been ups and down, most times caused by external pressures such as jobs, illnesses and deaths, but somehow through it all, we’ve not only persevered, we’ve stayed happy together.

Some might wonder how that’s possible. How do you slog through the rough times in life and still manage to keep alive the Happily Ever After?

I realized the other day that the answer was: Humor. Respect. Understanding.

Oh wait, that’s three answers, isn’t it! LOL!

But there it was, one way to Happily Ever After and not just in the books that I write, but in real life.

Find someone who can make you laugh and pick you up during the hard times. Someone who respects your opinions and your contributions to the relationship. Someone who understands your needs, both physical and mental. In reality, combine all those attributes and you will usually find Love and with Love comes the Happily Ever After.

How about you? For those of you who have been in long term relationships, what do you find keeps you going through good times and bad?