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#ManCandyMonday Tom Hardy

I’m back from the RT Convention and I’ll have lots of photos for you shortly! I had a wonderful time and the best part was meeting so many of you who could make it down for the convention or book fair.

Today is Monday and what does that mean? MAN CANDY!

Today’s choice for #ManCandyMonday is the sexy Tom Hardy. I just caught THIS IS WAR last night with the equally sexy Chris Pine.

Tom snagged my eye in INCEPTION and I loved him in WARRIOR. It’s a great story about two brothers fighting each other physically and emotionally. Here’s the poster for the movie with all its amazing Man Candyness.


Of course, Tom is also well known for his role as Bane in the latest Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Tom will be reprising the Mad Max role in 2015 in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Hope you enjoy today’s Man Candy!