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#ManCandyMonday Male Model Ben Dahlhaus

Who is this mysterious Man Candy? Apparently, little is known about Swedish Male Model Ben Dahlhaus according to Beardaholic. Ben dropped into the fashion scene in 2014 and has already appeared in ads for watchmaker Brathwait and more recently pen legend Mont Blanc.

Chiseled, bearded and long-haired, he’s still sexy!

Click here if you cannot see the Ben Dahlhause Rhino Shirt video below or use this link: https://youtu.be/S3IpcjPvCdw

Nick Bateman Male Model #ManCandyMonday

Nick Bateman is a Canadian model with an impressive presence on social media. As a youngster, he won a number of titles as a black belt martial arts participant. He has been on various television shows and movies and in 2018 will star in an adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love. You can follow Nick on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nick__bateman/?hl=en. Thanks to Nick’s Instagram for the photo below.


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#Man Candy Monday David Gandy

There’s a new face I’ve been seeing around lately – model David Gandy! I could so picture David as Christopher Sombrosa from THE CLAIMED.

It’s a shame it’s in black and white and you can’t see his amazing blue eyes. I just love dark-haired men with light eyes. Sigh.

Thanks to Technical Director Regan Hall for sharing this with us on Youtube.

If you can’t see the video below, please click here to view it.

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kellan Lutz in his Calvins

Word of warning on this gorgeous Monday morning — beware the photos of today’s Guilty Pleasure Kellan Lutz, better known for his turn as a vampire in the Twilight franchise. There is absolutely nothing that out-glitters these shots of him for the latest Calvin Klein commercial. So take a moment to sit back and enjoy — but keep all liquids and other spewables away from your keyboard. Or maybe not. On second thought, maybe have a big glass of ice cold water ready for today’s hottie!

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Too Hot to Blog!

So this is a first for me. Photos so hot that they come with a warning and with only a link for you to follow! Why? Because this Guilty Pleasures Monday – Alan Valdez – may melt your monitors or produce a spew of coffee onto your keyboard and I can’t be responsible for that, can I?

Okay, well maybe I can!

So, with forewarning and hopefully being forearmed, please click here to visit Alan Valdez, this morning’s Guilty Pleasure or cut and paste this link into your browser: