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Dean Winters Mayhem Man Candy

I have to confess that I love those Allstate Mayhem commercials and Dean Winters, Mr. Mayhem, is wonderful in these commercials. Kinda hot also.

I love the one that just started running called BLIND SPOT. Best part is the juxtaposition of faces between Mayhem and the driver as the car goes skidding across the road. It’s at about 16 seconds in. You’ve got to watch it.

If you can’t see the video below, you can cut and paste this link into your browser:

Also, please visit with me today at The Book Bordello as I talk about the hardest part of being a writer!

Murder, Mayhem & Chocolate

Today I’m doing a holiday visit over at the Carina Press romantic suspense authors blog on which I’ll be writing off and on during the course of the coming year – NOT YOUR USUAL SUSPECTS.

So what do murder, mayhem and chocolate have in common? Why not pop on over and visit with me and Bobbie (aka Sunny) Cole as we discuss those three key ingredients for a romantic suspense. LOL!

And just in case your feeling the winter bite today, let my personal assistant (don’t I wish!) bring you a little something to chase away the chill or try the marvelous Chocolate Chile Recipe over at NOT YOUR USUAL SUSPECTS.

Caridad's Personal Assistant