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Wicked Wednesday – When Jesse Meets Liliana

Jesse's Back on STRONGER THAN SIN Paranormal RomanceToday I am sharing with you…Jesse’s back! What a gorgeous back and shoulders!

Wait no excerpt? Okay, so I’m also sharing with you an excerpt from STRONGER THAN SIN. This excerpt is the first scene in the book where Jesse meets Liliana, but where you also find out that the two have crossed paths before and not necessarily in a nice way.

Hope you enjoy today’s wicked excerpt! If you cannot see the excerpt below, you can also click here or cut and paste this link into your browser:


Stronger Than Sin Jesse Meets Liliana Excerpt

STRONGER THAN SIN Release Day and Contests

It’s finally here! STRONGER THAN SIN has hit bookshelves and is available online at various vendors. Join me for the rest of this month and all of November as I celebrate the release of STRONGER THAN SIN with some very special contests and an assortment of giveaways! But first, take a moment to watch the exciting new video for STRONGER THAN SIN. If you can’t see the video below, you can click here to see the video premiere.

Starting November 1 you can sign up for my newsletter and be entered for the ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? contest (as well as all future monthly contests!).

Grand Prize in the contest is a PRS300SC Reader Pocket Edition (silver), copy of SINS OF THE FLESH, STRONGER THAN SIN t-shirt and tote bag, Bath and Body Works Shower Gel, Jesse Bradford rubber ducky, bookmark, cover flats and other goodies.

Second Chance Bonus Prize $25 Gift Card

You can be eligible for a Second Chance Bonus Prize. Start gathering bonus points right now and you’ll have a chance to win a $25 Gift Card! The winner will be selected from all individuals who have entered the main contest and have also hunted up 5 bonus points. To get those points, you can do any of the following:

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Special Pricing on SINS OF THE FLESH E-book Version

Starting November 1, you can download the SINS OF THE FLESH e-book for only $1.99. Visit your favorite online bookstore on November 1 to obtain the special pricing!

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SINS OF THE FLESH Book Launch Party – An Excerpt, a Guest Blog and a Radio Interview!

Today we’ve got some really awesome things going on for the launch party! You can download the first chapter of SINS OF THE FLESH for free, catch my guest blog with my friend and fellow author Amanda McIntyre and drop by and listen to my Blog Talk Radio Interview later today!

To download the free excerpt, just click here! (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read the excerpt).

To listen to the interview starting at 3 pm EST and even call in/chat your questions for me, you can click here or cut and paste this link:

Finally, drop by and visit me at Amanda’s place from some Coffee Talk! Just click here or cut and paste this link: http://mcintyreshouseofmuse.blogspot.com/

SINS OF THE FLESH Video Premiere

Welcome to day 2 of the SINS OF THE FLESH Book Launch Party! Today we have something really special – the premiere of the SINS OF THE FLESH video.

So grab a bag of popcorn, make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom because you won’t want to miss a second of this and sit back and enjoy this awesome video! Many thanks to all involved in the creation for doing an amazing job in translating my vision for the book into this trailer.

If you can’t see this video on your computer, you can also visit this link to view it:

Don’t forget to leave a comment by midnight EST on Friday, October 30 for a chance to be one of 5 lucky winners of a SINS t-shirt and autographed copy of the book.

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