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#ThrowbackThursday My Mom

It’s hard to believe sometimes that my mom has been gone from my life more than she was in it. Weird, because she made such a lasting impression on my character. She was my best friend and my mentor besides being my mom. She was also someone who always pushed me to do more, which isn’t necessarily a good thing because sometimes she pushed too much. I see myself pushing too much sometimes and have to really pull back from that because it can be damaging as well.

But anyway, here’s my mom when she was maybe in her twenties. A beautiful woman as well as smart and determined.

#ThrowbackThursday My Mom – Best friend and Mentor

My mom was my best friend and mentor and I know my daughter feels the same way about me. My daughter is my best friend and I am blessed to have her in my life.

This is another picture of my mom as a toddler. She’s wearing the traditional Galician dress and I’ve even got a little doll at home with this outfit. I’ll have to snap a picture of that for you to see it. The dolls were sent from our family in Spain for my sister and me. My doll has green eyes like me and my sister’s doll has blue eyes, like her.

Anyway, my mom. She was so cute as a kid and my sister looked just like her then and now as an adult.