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Thoughtful Thursday – Mass Transit Mania

trainThis morning was one of those rough kinds of days. NJ Transit train sat on the tracks into New York. Metrocard machine for the subway wasn’t taking credit cards. Subway wasn’t running, making me walk up several flights to a different subway line.

Total time to office: 2 hours.

Having said that, I can’t imagine any other way to get to work other than mass transit, especially in a place like New York. The ride is usually good and uneventful. I’m being environmentally friendly, which hopefully makes up for chopping down the Christmas tree each year. I have a seat on the train and write until we reach NYC, pumping out several pages if I’m lucky.

Normally I would walk to work, being economically friendly to myself, but it was 8 degrees this morning. Subway weather.

This morning just happened to be the perfect storm of lousy weather, delays and off line machines.

Do you commute to work? Is it a long one, short one? Do you like it?

My thoughts for this Thursday. Wishing you all a good day!