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Blog Exchange and a Thursday 13!

We’ve got a fun Thursday for you today! We’ve got a Blog Exchange and Thursday 13 going on. Drop by drop by Mila’s blog where I’ll be talking about my road to publication. Spend some time here to read about Mila and her Thursday 13!

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Depending on where you are, good morning, good afternoon and good evening!

My name is Mila Ramos, and today I’m bringing your Thursday 13!

To give you a little introduction to your day’s host, I’m dedicating today’s Thirteen to all things Mila.

Since I love the paranormal genre, the celebration this weekend with a group of friends will be an ode to the greatness out there! And so here are my Thursday 13 all things Mila done in other worldly ways.

All things Mila Thursday 13

1.    I love Supernatural. Let us stare at the reason for my deep fascination (Jared Padalecki) with the show. Yes it’s great and wonderfully well written. But I think it goes much, much deeper than that. Really deep…..nice, beautifully muscled deep.

Sam from Supernatural

2.    Music stirs my soul. As they say in home island of Puerto Rico, “con la musica por dentro” (with the music inside you).   Jazz, blues, alternative, salsa  classical, world music, Celtic, Italian, dance. I will easily listen to anything and am always searching for new forms of music.

3.    I am a bellydancer. Have been doing it for some time now, and I completely recommend it to any woman out there. Not only does it work you out, but its low intensity!

4.    I am currently working on my doctorate in Organic Chemistry.  I have about 2 years left and can’t wait to be done.

5.    I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the rest of my extended family still lives there.

6.    I have a passionate love affair with chocolate.  I mean a disgusting love affair. If it’s chocolate I love it, now if you bribe me with chocolate…well I’m all yours…until I finish it.

7.    I am the mediator in my family; and the pizza caller.  I do not know how I got the pizza-calling job but I want to resign.

8.    I love antiques. Furniture, collectibles, pretty much anything.  Oh yes….love old antique wood furniture, oak…pretty much those really classy stylish types. They’re gorgeous.

9.    I’ve been a writer for about six years and have to balance that pretty carefully around school.

10.  Pasta is my weakness; I worship the pasta gods.

11.  I’m a wuss when it comes to horror/scary movies.  HUGE wuss.  Yet I like the paranormal….go figure.

12.  I have lived with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for several years and that it has made me very vigilant about eating right and working out.

13.  I love to cook, maybe it’s the chemist in me, maybe it’s the relaxation of cooking but I am an enthusiastic cooker. I also love trading recipes.

Thanks to Caridad and everyone for dropping by!

For more information on my books, writing and me drop by my blog or my Twitter for more updates, hilarity and adventures with my lasso of truth.

Take care and have a great Thursday!


Out Now!

The Seventh Legend –a part of the Dark Pleasures Anthology

The Watchers – a part of the Strange Desires Anthology

Collection of 4 of my favorite stories in Echoes  & Illusions Anthology

Smoldering Ember & Touch of Fire – Contemporary Romance with Whiskey Creek Press

** Keep an eye out for Prophecy of the Boar. The story of Ailsa & Duncan, out soon in a duo anthology with second book Divination.

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