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#ThrowbackThursday A Visit with Gloria Estefan

My daughter and I love Gloria! Well, I guess I loved her first and kind of got my daughter in love. We recently went to see GET ON YOUR FEET and it was great and very interesting. Gloria and her husband Emilio have had both difficult and amazing times and to see their story set to their songs was both inspiring and amazing. We were almost dancing in our seats until the very end when we were up and dancing and cheering with the rest of the theatergoers.

This photo was snapped when we were on our way to a concert in NYC.

Guilty Pleasure Matthew Morrison

I’m not a Gleek, but I do enjoy watching the show every now and then. I wish I could watch it more often, but as much as hubby loves musicals, once a week is pushing it. I should probably DVR it for those Saturday and Sunday morning writing marathons!

Today’s Guilty Pleasure is head Gleek Matthew Morrison. If you’re still not sure about his hotness, click here to check out this picture of Matthew and his six pack abs from the latest VOGUE magazine!

But for now, here he is on today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday!

Photo Credit: Kristen Dos Santos@en.wikipedia.com