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#ManCandyMonday Matt Lanter from Timeless

Good morning! Sorry I’ve been gone for a few weeks, but I have been crazy. I spent two weeks after Christmas helping my daughter paint and get her new home ready. She moved in during that horrible winter storm, but luckily it went well. After that, some kind of stomach bug hit me and laid me low, but now I’m back!

It’s Monday which means, time for a Man Crush. Today’s choice is Matt Lanter from NBC’s TIMELESS. Matt has those dimples and that sexy boy next door look. For the first few shows, it was killing me that I thought he looked like someone and I couldn’t put my finger on it. But then I realized that he looked like a young Marc Blucas of Buffy fame.

Matt started off as a contestant on a Bravo reality show, but soon had a number of acting and voice roles. He was in 90210 and has also voiced Anakin Skywalker for the animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars which was a box office success.

What do you think? Cute or not?

Also, if you like history, you should check out TIMELESS. It’s very interesting and of course, romance. I can totally see it developing between Matt’s character and the female lead.

#ManCandyMonday David Giuntoli from GRIMM

It’s MAN CANDY MONDAY and today’s tasty treat is David Giuntoli from GRIMM. But first, take a moment to visit with me at Laura Kaye’s blog! I have a little giveaway for you guys – 1) a tote bag with swag or 2) an ARC of my May release THE CLAIMED! U.S. only! Contest ends midnight EST on 2/23! Good luck!

And now for out Man Candy. If you haven’t watched GRIMM, you are missing an awesome show and a really handsome actor, David Giuntoli. Dark hair and blue eyes, my favorite combo. Thumb print cleft in his chin. Every time I see him I think that he would make a perfect Superman!

Here is a little tour of the set with David for you to enjoy. If you can’t see the video below, you can click here to watch!

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Blair Underwood

This morning’s Guilty Pleasure is Blair Underwood who is probably best known for his stint on L.A. Law many years ago where he played a determined young attorney.

Blair has done a number of movies and stints on various television shows. His current role is on THE EVƎNT as Cuban-American President Elias Martinez. Hubby and I have been watching THE EVƎNT, although we really don’t know why. It’s being hailed as a combination of LOST and 24 and yet the paranormal elements are just not there enough for me and the suspense is there, but more low-key than the driving action in 24.

How about for you? Are you watching THE EVƎNT? What do you think of it so far?

Photo Credit: Alan Light@en.wikipedia.com

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Curtis Stone

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Trotz from Atlanta, GA, United StatesWith little on the telly last night, I found myself surfing the channels until I came across the intro to CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and this delicious man snared my attention – Chef Curtis Stone. I had not known of him before and I found myself sucked into watching the entire premiere (and it so sucks that the women lost!)

Anyway, Curtis is an Aussie with that wonderful Aussie accent. Curtis has been a chef at a number of restaurants, made numerous television appearances and is the author of several cookbooks. His latest is Curtis Stone: Recipes to Put You in My Favorite Mood which was released in April 2009.

Don’t you think Curtis would be the perfect Blake? I think there is a strong similarity to the sexy vamp on the cover of FURY CALLS.

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Ryan McPartlin

CHUCK is back and I’m so glad (although I’m not so sure about the droopy eye/flashing images thing). The first two shows last night were pretty good, but one thing I was looking forward to in the show was the return of Chuck’s BIL – Awesome.

Awesome is played by Ryan McPartlin, today’s Guilty Pleasure! Ryan is a former Abercrombie & Fitch model and starred on PASSIONS and LIVING WITH FRAN before landing the role on Chuck.

Ryan is handsome, has an amazing voice and body, and the role he plays on Chuck is great. Ryan manages to be hadnsome, sexy and self-depracating all at the same time. NBC is also running a series of amusing commercials for a new car with characters on Chuck, including Ryan.

Hope you enjoyed this morning’s Guilty Pleasure.

Also – I’ve got a new blog tour coming up. Dates are in the calendar in the sidebar and down below, but I’ll also let you know each day where I’ll be so you can stop by and possibly be a winner of a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH and a T-shirt.

Today I am at BronzeWord Authors and blogging in support of romance novels.

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