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#ManCandyMonday Congratulations Hall of Famer Mike Piazza

I love Mike Piazza! I have his jersey. His and David Wright’s. Two great guys who played with all their heart for the Mets.

Mike was signed to the Dodgers as a favor, but he soon earned his spot with his powerful hitting. In fact, he’s the best hitting catcher of all time.

My most memorable moment of Mike as a Met was at the first game being held at Shea Stadium after September 11th. With the Mets down in the eighth inning, Mike came up to the plate and hit a home run to give the Mets the lead over the Braves.

Mike spent over eight years with the Mets and was inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend as a Met, joining Tom Seaver as the only other Met in the Hall of Fame.

You go, Mike! You can click here to read highlights from Mike’s emotional and wonderful Hall of Fame speech.

Mike Piazza Mets Hall of Famer

#ThrowbackThursday NY World’s Fair with My Sis

I remember the World’s Fair like it was yesterday! We went a few times since we lived close by back then. I loved the It’s a Small World exhibit that eventually made its way to the Disney theme parks. This is a photo of my sister and me at the fair. We were all ready for the sun with our cowboy hats! My sister was already shooting up to be taller than me. Sigh.

Some people don’t think that my sis and I look alike, but I think in this photo you can see that our faces are very similar. Especially the eye scrunch. We both have light colored eyes and they are more sensitive to the sun.

#ManCandyMonday It’s Tebow Time!

I was all ready to go out and buy a Tebow Denver Broncos jersey when they decided to go with Manning. No don’t get me wrong, I like Peyton Manning, I’m just not a fan of how they treated Tebow. I mean, taking down his photos immediately and trading him for a 4th and 6th draft round pick? For a man who helped get you into the playoffs?

No class. My one hope is that the Jets will treat him better, giving him a chance to maybe run the Wildcat for them or using him in another position, like halfback.

So anyway, It’s Tebow Time in NYC and I’m all for it! This photo is one of him from high school when he played in the All-American game.

TEBOW All-American High School

I am sooooo Shameless Blog Hop & #Giveaway

Many thanks to Jen at Red Hot Books, Brie at Romance Around the Corner & Michelle at Michelle’s Book Blog for starting up this blog hop for those of us with more mature subject matter. I am so looking forward to visiting with everyone to check out their fabulous offerings!

If this is your first time at my blog a big WELCOME to you! I write paranormal suspense and romantic suspense and have now dipped my toes into the waters of erotic paranormal romance. In fact, my first erotic paranormal novella, AMAZON AWAKENING, hit the stands in December and my second, NOCTURNAL WHISPERS, hits the digital shelves on February 1. Come back on Feb 1 for the start of my release party.

But for now, welcome to the Shameless Blog Hop which wouldn’t be complete without some delicious Man Candy!

For those of you visiting on the Blog Hop, please put SHAMELESS ANSWERS as the subject and send an e-mail to cpsromance at att dot net with the answers to the following questions:

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I will pick a winner from all the correct answers and the winner will receive a $10 Itunes Gift Card as well as an ARC for THE CLAIMED (Book 2 in the SIN HUNTER series, coming out in May 2012).

If you cannot see the list of participating blogs below, you can click here for the complete list.

I Felt the Earth Move Under My Feet…

And wow was it a scary feeling. It started as a rumble, kind of like a subway car beneath my feet, only I’m on the 10th floor, so it was no subway!

Then the building swayed back and forth. Like someone had pushed it and now it was recoiling back into place.

Being in New York and with the wounds of 9/11 still not healed, my first thought was – attack.

Then when we realized what had happened, slightly less panic. Just a little less. I mean, the “small” earthquake moved a 40+ story building.

I know those out on the West Coast are sniggling at us wussie Easterners. They probably sleep right through earthquakes like this one. But not us New Yorkers! We’re the city that never sleeps, right?

Anyway, my friend and fellow author Keirsten Krum has offered up her views on our little tremblor and also rounded up some of the best tweets from Twitter. Do not miss this blog post, but be warned, you may spew your coffee all over your keyboard.

Have a great and bedrock stable day.

Guilty Pleasure Cliff Lee

It’s that time of year when a girl’s fancy turns to . . .

Baseball! So today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is one of my favorite baseball players, Philadelphia Phillie Cliff Lee. I had so been hoping that the Mets would be able to acquire him, but with their financial issues, Cliff went to the Phillies. Don’t even think the Mets were even in the running to get him, although they sure could use some strong starting pitchers.

How about you? Do you have any other baseball favorites you’d like to share? Like David Wright? Or Jason Werth? How about Mr. Utley?

Photo Credit: © Rubenstein, photographer Martyna Borkowski