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Slow Cooker Roast Pork #FoodieFriday

With the winter weather the other day, we had to stay home and shovel snow. Since I was home, I wanted to put together something warm and tasty for that night’s supper and hauled out the Crockpot. This was also another cleaning out the fridge meal and what I had on hand was a pork loin roast, so that’s what I decided to cook. After a visit to Pinterest, I adapted one of the recipes for you!


3-4 pound pork loin roast
1 apple thinly sliced
1 orange sectioned and sliced
2 large onions sliced
1 cup teriyaki sauce
1/2 cup honey
2 cloves finely minced garlic


I didn’t cook my onions first, but I really think you should. The dish will be that much more sweeter and full of goodness. Otherwise, here’s what to do:

Take the pork roast and cut slits about one inch apart. Place a slice of orange and one of apple in each slit.

Layer the slow cooker as follows:

All the onions. Half of the remaining apples. The pork roast you sliced and filled. Sprinkle the garlic over the pork roast and nstle the rest of the apples around the roast. Mix the teriyaki sauce and the honey and spoon this over the pork roast.

Cook on high for 6 -8 hours until tender. Serve with rice and/or vegetables! That’s it! Hope you all have a good weekend!


Sangria – Sweet and Sexy

sangriaI don’t know why, but toward the end of the summer I developed a taste for sangria again. Maybe because it was a delightful way to cool off on those hot summer days and nights. I’ve been playing with the recipe and have created this refreshing variation on the traditional mix!

I hope you enjoy it.

Caridad’s Sweet and Sexy Sangria


    1 bottle red wine (a Malbec, Rioja, Cabernet or Pinot Noir will do. Maipe Malbec is great and sub $10 at Costco)
    1/2 bottle Chilled Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider (or any other sparkling cider)
    2 oranges
    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup grapes


  • Peel oranges. Cut into eighths and then cut the eighths in half. Cut grapes in half. Cut frozen strawberries in half.
  • Place fruit into a pitcher and add wine. Let fruit and wine macerate for at least 10 minutes in the refridgerator. If you can wait longer, the flavors will be better.
  • Add chilled sparkling cider to fruit and wine mixture.
  • Remove some fruit from this mix and place in individual glasses. Pour wine/cider mixture into the glass and serve.

What I like about this mix is that you get the extra fruitiness and sweetness with the addition of the cider and don’t have to add sugar to get that.

Some recipes call for lemon in the mix and also don’t ask you to peel the citrus, but I find that the lemon and the peels make the mix too acidic. For a change of pace, cube some apples and toss them in or go even more tropical with some pineapple and changing to a white wine.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Tuesday Tip.

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