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DragonCon Day 4 and Guilty Pleasure Monday

DragonCon WarriorToday’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is an unknown DragonCon attendee who was kind enough to pose for me. There was nothing fake about all those abs and arms!

We’re starting to wind down here, but there are still lots of interesting costumes to see. There are some who really went out of their way to do different things and you’ll see them in this album – a lady from The Birds movie, two young black and white ladies from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and a Terminator that was absolutely amazing.

You can follow this link to the next album for DragonCon 2009:

You can also watch the last half of the DragonCon parade with these videos.

DragonCon Day 3!

Whoa! Starting to get tired. Been busy manning our booth (#707 if you’re in the area), meeting fans, taking photos for all of you as well as video of the parade on Saturday morning. The parade started in Woodruff Park and then made its way back to the Marriott. Recorded as much as I could and I’ll be putting it up in spurts as there is a 10 minute limit on Youtube.

Had a great time on Saturday. Went all around, refilled our areas where we’ve put out posters, bookmarks and other goodies. Managed to also finish the next book in THE CALLING vampire novels!

Here are lots more photos for you to check out. The album cover is of fellow friend and author Raz Steel and Margie, one of our wonderful volunteers.

For the photos, click here or cut and paste this linke:


Here are the videos for you! I will post more as soon as I can get them converted and uploaded.