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#FreebieFriday FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE #Giveaway

Good morning and Happy Friday! It’s #FreebieFriday and today I’m offering the first 15 people who e-mail me at caridadpineiro at gmail dot com an ARC of FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE! I’ve just re-released this book which is #12 in The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novel series.

For those who haven’t read any stories in the series, don’t worry. These stories standalone although you will see characters from other books and know what’s happening in their lives. I don’t know about you, but I just love finding out what happens to people whose stories I’ve read. I like to know that the happily-ever-after continues past the first book!

Here is a blurb for FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE:

What’s a goddess to do when her job is to mete out justice?

FBI Agent Helene Alexander is Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance and she has a job to do or her days on Earth as a goddess may come to an end. To accomplish her mission, she has lived with a ends-justify-the-means attitude for centuries. That is until her sexy new partner Miguel Sanchez has her wondering what it would be like to be more human for a change.

He’s carrying the weight of guilt for a death that could have been prevented . . .

FBI Agent Miguel Sanchez watched an innocent bystander get caught in deadly crossfire and so he knows what can happen if his partner should get careless with her quest for justice. Her cannot tolerate her harsh ways and brash attitude, but it’s hard to ignore how hot she is and the soft center he sees beneath her hard façade.

A dangerous serial killer will test their newfound love and risk their lives . . .

When the “Broadway Butcher” strikes again, Helene and Miguel are pulled into an investigation that will force them to face their greatest fears and their beliefs about finding justice for the killers victims. In a battle for life and death, Helene will have to choose between exacting justice or saving the life of the man she loves.
FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE is also available for sale at the following retailers:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1HS39c7
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1LVWrU7
iBooks: http://apple.co/1LVWyik
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1LVWIpY
Oyster: http://bit.ly/1LVWMGm
Page Foundry: http://bit.ly/1LVWIXa
Scribd: http://bit.ly/1LVWKOP


#ThrowbackThursday Caridad & Selina SINS OF THE FLESH #FreeRead

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve re-released SINS OF THE FLESH and please remember, if you bought the print book from Amazon, you can now get the e-book for FREE!

SINS OF THE FLESH (and the other novels in the Sin Hunters series) would not have been possible without my fabulous editors at Grand Central Publishing, Selina McLemore and Latoya Smith. THANK YOU!

This is a photo of Selina and me at the 2012 RT Convention! Selina was a wonderful supporter of my work and if you’re wondering if she inspired the name for Adam’s mom, you’d be totally correct.
Caridad and Selina

#ManWars & a #Giveaway

SINS OF THE FLESH Paranormal Romantic SuspenseI’m so excited because I’ve re-released SINS OF THE FLESH! As you can see from the post below, if you bought the print book from Amazon, you can now get the e-book for FREE! I’m also working on the re-release of STRONGER THAN SIN and need your help with choosing the right Man Candy for the cover (and also whether my ‪#‎ManCandy‬ is better than Kelly’s – Mwah ha ha!) So, the man on the left or right? Pick one for a chance to win autographed copies of both of the original print versions of these books!

#Throwback Thursday #JerseyShore Inspiration

So sorry to miss you yesterday, but it was a crazy day! I’m getting so many things ready for you, like ONE SPECIAL NIGHT, the next novella in the Take a Chance series, the SOUTH BEACH SIZZLES boxed set with all 4 books set in that location and last but not least, a re-release of SINS OF THE FLESH. Whew.

So today is kind of a mix of Write Wednesday and Throwback Thursday! The throwback is photos of these Jersey Shore homes pre-Sandy. During my strolls along the boardwalk, I got ideas for the locations and homes for all of the SIN HUNTER series as well as the beachside mansion in ONE SPECIAL NIGHT where, as you can guess, something very special is going on at the start of the book. I won’t say what and spoil it if you haven’t read JUST ONE NIGHT yet.



To see some more of my Jersey Shore inspiration and throwback photos, you can check out this album!

#FridayReads VAMPIRE REBORN Novella from The Calling\Reborn Vampire Novel Series

VAMPIRE REBORN NovellaIt’s Friday! Whoop whoop! Doing the happy dance and looking forward to some spring weather this weekend. I’ll be taking a stroll with a friend along the boardwalk, but also getting to work on some new things, namely, an erotic novella for an anthology with some friends and FIGHT FOR LOVE, the next book in The Calling\Reborn series.

But first . . . I just released VAMPIRE REBORN, a novella in the series.


In this story, Diana and Ryder are acclimating to the many changes in their lives. Ryder in particular is having a tough time dealing with the beat down that he suffered at the hands of psycho vampire Connall Burke, Michaela’s father.

But he’s also dealing with something else. Something almost unbelievable, namely that he might be turning human again. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right.

VAMPIRE REBORN explores the issues that Diana and Ryder are dealing with, but also expands on the slayer mythology and the origins of slayer, vampire and human life forces. It also sets up FIGHT FOR LOVE where Diana and Ryder, along with Ben and his new love interest, will have to face some very startling truths about themselves and about the foundations of all that they believe. FIGHT FOR LOVE will be out in early summer, but VAMPIRE REBORN is available now and is specially priced at .99 for a limited time.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read the Vampire Reborn Novella excerpt. Please click here to purchase the Vampire Reborn Novella!

Vampire Reborn Novella Excerpt


We’ve had interest from a couple of production companies for SINS OF THE FLESH and so for today’s Wicked Wednesday I’m having a casting call to see who you think would make a better Caterina Shaw, the heroine in the novel. To help you make a decision, here’s a little info about Caterina and a teaser – the inside cover copy!

Caterina Shaw is half-Irish/half-Mexican and a celebrated cellist. She’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has suddenly become more aggressive, making her lose her sight and be in constant pain. She goes to Wardwell Laboratories, a company renowned for gene research and engineering, for a radical gene therapy to slow the growth of the tumor. Unfortunately, the scientists use Caterina for a guinea pig, making her something more, and less, than human. Tall and lean, but womanly, Caterina has cerulean blue eyes and long wavy brown hair.

So check out this teaser and then let me know who you think would make the best Caterina.


Her Touch — Innocent and Honest — Ripped Through His Body

… tightening Mick’s gut and creating an unexpected and unwanted reaction. She had brushed the tips of her fingers across his bruise. And from the tremble of her fingers, Caterina clearly had experienced something intense as well.

He rose from the chair and the motion brought him close to her. Too close. Her eyes were that intense dark blue once more, the pupils wide. The blush was even stronger across the high slashes of her cheekbones. She licked her lips.

Very human lips.

Very luscious womanly lips.

He dipped his head down, hesitating when he was about an inch away. Warning himself that if he took a
taste …


Ready to decide? Is it Kate Beckinsale on the left, Evangeline Lilly on the right or the gorgeous cover model from the back cover of SINS OF THE FLESH? Or do you have someone else in mind for Caterina Shaw?

Author:  Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería Used under Creative Commons LicenseAuthor WatchWithKristen used under  Creative Commons License

Fun Friday – Ninja Cat

This Fun Friday I have a very sneaky cat for you! It’s amazing how determined she is and how careful as she approaches her objective. It makes for a good chuckle. Also remember you have until midnight EST TONIGHT to leave a message on the Nancy Thayer blog to possibly win a SINS OF THE FLESH t-shirt.

Ninja Cat @ Yahoo! Video