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#ManCandyMonday It’s Tebow Time!

I was all ready to go out and buy a Tebow Denver Broncos jersey when they decided to go with Manning. No don’t get me wrong, I like Peyton Manning, I’m just not a fan of how they treated Tebow. I mean, taking down his photos immediately and trading him for a 4th and 6th draft round pick? For a man who helped get you into the playoffs?

No class. My one hope is that the Jets will treat him better, giving him a chance to maybe run the Wildcat for them or using him in another position, like halfback.

So anyway, It’s Tebow Time in NYC and I’m all for it! This photo is one of him from high school when he played in the All-American game.

TEBOW All-American High School

Fun Friday – Sibling Rivalries and Double-Stuffed!

I saw ads for the Sibling Rivalry – the Mannings against the Williams – on the way to work and had to find out what it was about! So, what was it? Visit dsrl.com, the home of the Double Stuffed Racing League. LOL! You can watch more DSRL videos and make a Yooble. Check out my Yooble by clicking on this link.

Here’s one of the commercials for the DSRL which might give you a chuckle on this Fun Friday!

snoopylilLast but not least, doing the woo hoo dance here!

I wanted to share with you the first review for FURY CALLS which got 4.5 stars from Romantic Times! Wooo Hooo!

FURY CALLS (4.5) by Caridad Pineiro: When a vampire couple kills each other at the restaurant where she cooks, vampire chef Meghan Thomas teams up with Blake Richards — the man she hates for creating her undead life — to find out what made the pair kill each other in bloodlust. Determined to turn Meghan’s hatred of him into love, Blake gets a job at the restaurant and resolves to be a better person (vampire). But his resolve is tested when Meghan questions his loyalty. Piñeiro infuses her vampires with very human feelings, making her paranormal story seem realistic. It’s a great read!
—Alexandra Kay

Thank Alexandra and RT! You rock!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.