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#ThrowbackThursday Philly Flower Show

By this time of winter, my cabin fever has set in and I am so ready for spring! I love being outdoors. I love flowers and plants and the taste of sun warm tomatoes straight from my yard. Sigh. One of the things that keeps me going until then is the Philadelphia Flower Show! I can’t wait to go this year!

So today’s throwback is to the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show. I’ll have lots of photos for you the second week in March.
Flower Show

#ThrowbackThursday The Philly Fanatic

Hubby and I went to school right outside of Philadelphia and as it turned out, our daughter chose a college in Philadelphia as well! The first parent’s weekend, we went out for the festivities and who was there: None other than the Philly Fanatic, the mascot for the Phillies baseball team.

This is my daughter with the Fanatic and my hubby photobombing them!

Sharing the Fun!

I was recently at a conference in Philadelphia and wanted to share some photos with you. I had a nice time meeting both old and new friends and Philly was so much fun. The hotel was in Center City and the weather was great, so it was not a problem walking around. We were able to share the city with friends who had never been there before which was cool. I love Philly. It’s a great city.

So now onto the photos! If you can’t see the slideshow below, you can click here to see the photos.

Guilty Pleasure Cliff Lee

It’s that time of year when a girl’s fancy turns to . . .

Baseball! So today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is one of my favorite baseball players, Philadelphia Phillie Cliff Lee. I had so been hoping that the Mets would be able to acquire him, but with their financial issues, Cliff went to the Phillies. Don’t even think the Mets were even in the running to get him, although they sure could use some strong starting pitchers.

How about you? Do you have any other baseball favorites you’d like to share? Like David Wright? Or Jason Werth? How about Mr. Utley?

Photo Credit: © Rubenstein, photographer Martyna Borkowski

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Phillie’s Chase Utley

With my beloved Mets out of post-season play (again!), I’m rooting for the NL East Champion Phillies to go all the way!

There are so many players on the Phillies that are certified cuties, but I’ll start with Mr. Dependable – Chase Utley. I just love his work ethic and his boy-next-door charm. Did I mention his good looks as well?

Here’s hoping you get another ring, Chase!

Photo Credit: Googie Man@en.wikipedia.com

Customer Service Reigns at Southwest Airlines

Thanks to both of my jobs and my family’s love of travel, I often have to fly to get to an assortment of destinations. You can imagine that in all that time I’ve faced a number of dilemmas. Cancelled flights. Lost luggage. Turbulent rides. The latter being one of the worst since I have a fear of heights and am not a comfortable passenger in those twenty-five thousand foot high roller coasters.

I know there is nothing that a pilot can sometimes do about those rough rides and I just wait them out as best I can.

But there is something airlines can do about the rest and to my very pleasant surprise Southwest Airlines did just that.

When floods in Nashville forced me to change my flight to Orlando, the only Southwest Airlines charge was the difference in the cost of the two tickets due to the change in destination. No $150 change fee the way my normal carrier charges when stuff happens and flights need to get changed. The change fee would lower to $50 if I waited to do it on the same day as the flight, but no one ever advised me of that. I discovered that fact online recently.

Did I mention that I was originally flying Southwest because their rates were so much cheaper than my normal carrier’s that it was worth the drive down to Philadelphia? 217 versus 337?

I had two big bags with me, one with clothes and one with promo materials. Cost with my normal carrier: $60 if checked at the airport or $55 if done online. Cost with Southwest: $0. Yes, you are seeing that right. Zero dollars for two bags.

Money saved so far: $240 (120 plus 120 in baggage fees).

When I arrived in Orlando I discovered that the handle on my bag had gotten ripped off on one side making it nearly impossible for me to lift it. I headed to the luggage claim area and within about five minutes was handed a brand new bag to replace the one that had been damaged. Nicer than my old beat up bag and with a TSA approved lock to boot.

No questions, no problems. A warm smile on the face of the rep as she helped me deal with the bag issue.

What more can you ask for?

How about roomier seats and more leg room? Yep, you got that, too.

Which leaves me with only one question: When are you coming to Newark, Southwest Airlines?