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The Lights of Love

There is just something about Christmas lights that brings joy to my heart. They are so festive and full of fun. I love to see kids faces lighting up as they gaze upon the wonder of seeing all the colors in the night sky.

There is one house on the way home from the train station that even has the lights timed to music that plays on a FM signal that they broadcast. Just seeing that house on the way home says that it’s Christmas.

Now I know that there are those who say it’s a waste of energy and that the lights are not about the Christ and yes, I do understand both of those points.

But if people put up these lights to share their love of the Christmas season and if they enjoyed doing so with their families and if they bring other people joy with these lights, isn’t that in part what Christmas is all about? Love, sharing and joy?

So on that note, take a moment to check out these photos of some really amazing Christmas light displays. Just click here or cut and paste this link into your browser:
My Neighbor's House