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#ThrowbackThursday My Cat Slate

Sorry to have missed you yesterday, but there were all kinds of train problems and it was tough for me to connect to post.

Today’s Throwback is for my little cat Slate. He is such a character! I have never known a cat just like him. He’s very affectionate, especially with my hubby. He loves to hug. He’ll hug your arm or his mom and siblings (who are feral cats that we feed and take care of). With his extra toes, you definitely know he’s hugging you!

He listens like a dog so when hubby says, “Come on, Slate,” he follows. He loves to sleep on hubby’s lap and at night, he’ll sleep at the foot of the bed. The other night, he hugged my foot for a good while before I had to move.

So without further ado . . . Slate.

#ThrowbackThursday The Very First Book Signing & Thanks

It’s not possible to talk about reaching the ONE MILLION BOOKS SOLD mark (still can’t get over it) without talking about the very first one as well as some people who have been so very very instrumental in giving me the opportunity to write for you!

First of all, a big thank you to the fabulous Fern Michaels who took the time to read my first works and put me in touch with her editor. Her advice and support was invaluable in my deciding I might actually be able to write.

Another big thank you to the late Gwynne Foster who I sat with at one meeting and basically told me, “What are you waiting for! Just send it to them!” I did and got a call just a few weeks later from my very first editor, Diane Stockwell. It was such a pleasure working with her on the Encanto line and if it wasn’t for her support (and buying my very first book).

Things don’t always go smoothly in the publishing world and when Encanto disappeared, it took me a few years to sell another book. This time it was to the awesome Stacy Boyd who always brought out the best in my writing and who has been a wonderful advocate at Harlequin. Thank you, Stacy.

There have been many many other people and I don’t want them to feel left out, but I’ll share more thanks in the future (since I really really really want to milk this moment – LOL!).

To end today’s Throwback Thursday, here is a photo from my very first signing in Menlo Park Mall.

#ThrowbackThursday NY World’s Fair with My Sis

I remember the World’s Fair like it was yesterday! We went a few times since we lived close by back then. I loved the It’s a Small World exhibit that eventually made its way to the Disney theme parks. This is a photo of my sister and me at the fair. We were all ready for the sun with our cowboy hats! My sister was already shooting up to be taller than me. Sigh.

Some people don’t think that my sis and I look alike, but I think in this photo you can see that our faces are very similar. Especially the eye scrunch. We both have light colored eyes and they are more sensitive to the sun.

#ThrowbackThursday My Best Friend

There can be no doubt about it. My best friend is my daughter! No matter what we do together, we have an awesome time and I’m blessed that she’s a part of my life.

This is a photo of the two of us at a Mets game. Baseball is one of our favorite things and the Mets are our team. Yes, it’s tough, especially in the last few years, but we hang in there!

We also love many of the same things, like cooking, traveling and writing. I think I’ve mentioned that my daughter wrote her first book, FOLLOWING JANE, and we published it last year. She’s finished a second book and I can’t wait to read that one!

My best friend Samantha Ann

#ManCandyMonday The Men of Mr. Romance

Wow, was RT fun, but also very very tiring and busy! I have a load of photos to share and I’ll get them up in an album for you for tomorrow. Also made plans for a number of upcoming guests to visit and share their books with you!

But. . . Today is Man Candy Monday and I’m sharing this shot of Len, last year’s Mr. Romance and the runner-up Eric.

Here are Charles and Len, two former Mr. Romances! I’m also in the shot, working hard as usual (LOL!)
Caridad with Mr. Romance

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasures.

Counting down to Halloween

For starters, please visit I Just Wanna Sit and Read for a review of THE LOST and another giveaway!

I’m like a kid when it comes to Halloween. I love the costumes and decorating the house! I love seeing the smiles and sometimes scary looks from the kids as they walk up the front steps.

I guess it’s natural since I love paranormal things, but it’s confession time: I am a major chicken. Have been since my mom and sis forced me to watch all those monster movies as a kid. It’s why I sleep with the sheets tucked up to cover my neck (vampires) and hate walking at night, especially during a full moon.

But despite all that, I LOVE Halloween. So I decorate the outside of the house so kids will hopefully have some fun on that day. Just beware the front door! This year we’ve found a cool mat that does all kinds of things when you step on it.

If you can’t see the photos below, you can click on this link to see the pictures!