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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

That’s very true for me since I’m very visually oriented. So much so, that I even write with the television on during the colder months. When it warms up, I’m out on my little balcony, enjoying the quiet of early morning and the sights. Birds and squirrels running around. Surfer dudes on their bikes, coming back from the beach. Bright blue skies and the pinks and blues of the flowers in the pots at my feet.

So visual things inspire me and when I heard about Pinterest, I just had to take a look. Oh man, am I hooked. A nice, clean and easy-to-access place for all those things that I can use for all kinds of ideas!

If you want to take a look at some of my “boards”, you can visit me at pinterest.com/caridadpineiro/.
Hope you are all having an awesome Thursday! By the way, the Nocturnal Whispers Release Party ended yesterday and I’ll be picking a winner in the next few days and announcing it on the blog. Thanks so much to everyone who participated.

Counting down to Halloween

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I’m like a kid when it comes to Halloween. I love the costumes and decorating the house! I love seeing the smiles and sometimes scary looks from the kids as they walk up the front steps.

I guess it’s natural since I love paranormal things, but it’s confession time: I am a major chicken. Have been since my mom and sis forced me to watch all those monster movies as a kid. It’s why I sleep with the sheets tucked up to cover my neck (vampires) and hate walking at night, especially during a full moon.

But despite all that, I LOVE Halloween. So I decorate the outside of the house so kids will hopefully have some fun on that day. Just beware the front door! This year we’ve found a cool mat that does all kinds of things when you step on it.

If you can’t see the photos below, you can click on this link to see the pictures!