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Choosing the Right Car

A car says a lot about you and as a writer, a car may say a lot about your characters. Or least it says a lot to me because I so love automobiles!

I’m hard at work on the next book in the SIN HUNTER series – THE LOST – which will be out in April 2011. I had a dilemma as I was selecting a car for the engimatic hero of the story – Adam Bruno – a self-made millionaire who appears to be a workaholic, especially to young Tony Carrera who is interning at Adam’s alternative energy company.

What car to choose? Expensive for sure. Adam is a man who enjoys the fruits of his labors. But I also wanted to select a car that said there was a playful side as well.

Hard choice so I began to think about the possibilities.

Since I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around Ocean Grove, New Jersey because it’s the setting for STRONGER THAN SIN and will also play a pivotal part in THE LOST, I pulled up some photos I had snapped at one of last year’s Ocean Grove car shows for inspiration.

If you cannot see the slide show below you can click here to see the Ocean Grove Car Show photos or cut and paste this link into your browser:

After reviewing them, cruising the web and chatting with my good friend and fellow author Irene Peterson, I decided on the Bentley Continental GTC Speed. As Bentley says on their website, “Born of the same heart as the Continental GTC but with a different soul. Darker. Sportier. Tauter.”

In a way the same could be said of my hero – Adam Bruno. He definitely is a different soul and darker than Jesse Bradford, the charming and shining ex-football player who takes the lead in STRONGER THAN SIN. But for me the Continental GTC Speed, especially in Bentley’s Umbrian red just screams that there is a playful bad boy buried beneath the corporate pinstripes. What do you think?

Bentley Courtesy Bentley Motors

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Blast from the Past Burt Reynolds

Even as a young woman I always thought Burt Reynolds was hot. There was something totally Bad Boy about him and he had the kind of dark looks and athletic build that I like. Then he confirmed his Bad Boy status by posing in the nude for Cosmo.

Mind you, that pose was the stuff that said Women’s Lib had arrived. For years men had salivated over Playboy centerfolds and now it was Our Turn – We Are Women Hear Us Roar!

So, today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is that piece of American History and Burt in all his hirsute glory.

Burt Reynolds from Cosmo - Used Under Fair Use Provisions

On a more serious note, every Monday we have our Guilty Pleasures, some guiltier than others. Some might say that objectifying men in this fashion is as bad as men objectifying women in those centerfolds. Do you agree or do you think it’s okay to appreciate a beautiful form as long as it’s not for prurient purposes?

Inquiring minds want to know on this wet and dreary Monday morning.