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Wicked Wednesday – Voices on the Waves and a Contest

Today we have fellow author Jessica Chambers who is here to tell us about her debut novel, a sweet holiday read called VOICE ON THE WAVES, which is now available from Red Rose Publishing.

Jessica was born in the UK in 1982, and currently lives with her family and crazy Staffordshire bull terrier in the English town of Windsor, most famous for its castle and nearby Eton College. At the age of five, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that has left her almost totally blind.

Jessica has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. As a shy person, she loves being able to escape into another world, and the sense of power that comes with controlling everything that goes on in that world. She especially loves writing women’s fiction centered around memorable characters that leap off the page.

Jessica is also being kind enough to have a contest to celebrate this release and her blog tour! Everyone who comments on any of her blog posts during the tour is automatically entered into the drawing to win a $15 gift voucher for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The five winners will be announced on October 31st over at Jessica’s blog at www.jessicachambers.co.uk/blog.


Not pausing to consider, Karenza marched back up the stairs and along the landing. Reaching Marcus’s room, she hammered on the door.

“Hang on, I’m not de—” came the protest from within, but she had already flung open the door to reveal Marcus hoisting up his trousers.

“I don’t remember asking you to come in,” he spat, “or do you think you’re so special you can barge into other people’s room’s uninvited?”

Karenza ignored him, her gaze on the bed where a discarded pair of trousers lay in a stained and crumpled heap. “What happened to you?”

“I would have thought that was obvious. I accidentally spilled coffee down me.”

“How careless. Not like you at all, Marcus.”

Marcus’s features tautened. “Get out.”

Unperturbed, Karenza shut the door behind her and leaned against it.

“I told you to get out,” Marcus snarled, advancing on her. “Go on, or I’ll have to make you.”

“Please, spare me.” Karenza fastened him with a cool gaze. “What have you done to Leah?”

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

“No? Then why was she so upset when I saw her a minute ago?”

Marcus made an impatient gesture. “How the hell should I know?”

“Don’t play the innocent with me. You were downstairs with her, weren’t you?”

“No,” he said, then recoiled as Karenza took a menacing step towards him. “Well, all right, yes, but it wasn’t my fault, if that’s what you mean. It was just a misunderstanding.”

“Is that so?” Karenza raised her eyebrows. “I don’t suppose this ‘misunderstanding’ had anything to do with you coming on to Leah and her, being an intelligent girl, rejecting you?”

“How dare you!”

“And then, so desperate to get away from you, she spilled coffee all over your Armani’s.”

Marcus reddened. “I won’t have you accusing me of crimes I haven’t committed. For your information, Sherlock, it was Leah who made a pass at me. I tried to let her down gently, but once she realized I wasn’t interested, she ran off in floods. The silly child had got the ridiculous notion into her head that I’ve been sending out signals. Naturally I was forced to put her straight.”

Karenza moved to stand right in front of him, her eyes locked on his. “So whose handprint is that on your face?”

Marcus stared at her in silence for a long moment, then dropped his gaze.

“You bastard,” she said in a low hiss. “How dare you drag Leah down to your disgusting level just because she’s too sensible to fall for you. See, you don’t fool me. You might be laboring under the delusion that you’re God’s gift to women, that no one could possibly resist you, but you’re sadly mistaken. It’s high time you learned that some women—decent women, that is—just aren’t stupid or desperate enough to let you use them to satisfy your sordid little desires!”

And before Marcus could utter a suitable retort, Karenza swept from the room, shutting the door behind her with a reverberating slam.


You can buy VOICES ON THE WAVES now from Red Rose Publishing, by clicking here or cutting and pasting this link:

Tomorrow, the VOICES ON THE WAVES Blog Tour continues over at Beary Good Books, where Jessica is sharing the first chapter of her novel.

Wicked Wednesday – Kaye Manro, a Guest Blog and Contest!

I am so excited to have my friend and fellow author Kaye Manro here to tell us a little about her latest release. Plus, we’ve got a contest for you since I’m also doing a guest blog over with my friend JoJo to help her celebrate her birthday! So, if you leave a comment at JoJo’s blog, you have a chance to win an ARC of STRONGER THAN SIN, my November release, a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH, the first book in the SINS series as well as a T-shirt! Double your chances to win by leaving a comment here and also, if you’re selected at JoJo’s site and leave a comment here, you will also win a copy of your choice of either FURY CALLS or SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS!

So without further ado, here’s my buddy Kaye!


FORBIDDEN LOVE by Kaye ManroThanks to the lovely Caridad Pineiro for inviting me, a new author, as a guest on her blog today! I’m so excited to be here, and to share my short ebook, FORBIDDEN LOVE, which is not a paranormal, but a science fiction romance!

Readers may not know exactly how sci-fi relates to the romance genre. So let me show you. In the subgenre of science fiction romance, authors use technology and not magic. Rather than fantasy characters such as shape shifters, the characters are alien or human. The settings are anywhere, but it is common to see stories taking place on alien worlds or on advanced spaceships. For an author, this genre, called SFR can be very exciting and fun to explore. I have to say it was for me.

Forbidden Love released at Red Rose Publishing on May 13, and has consistently stayed on the bestseller lists. Here’s a little of what you’ll find in the story:

Forbidden Love is a futuristic sci-fi romance. There is space travel at FTL (faster than light). But there is also lots of sensual exploring between the hero T’Kon and the heroine Maya, who hail from different galaxies and evolutionary paths. Rules on T’Kon’s planet forbid interspecies mating. Yet when he crashes his spacecraft on Maya’s world close to her desert home, what else is he to do but let this audacious alien tend his injuries?

For those who are new to this exciting genre, I have included a Science Fiction Lexicon on my Website. You can find phrases that may be unfamiliar to you there. The terms relate directly to those used in Forbidden Love.

For example, FTL is the ability a spacecraft has to travel in deep space far exceeding the speed of light. While in FTL, your ship could essentially reach billions of miles per second or more.

Now back to Forbidden Love, which is first and foremost a romance even though the subplot is science fiction. Here’s an excerpt so you can get a feel for the Forbidden Love romantic elements:

…She was upon him so near he could feel her breath, sense her warmth. She reached out and ran a hand through the air, searching the length of him.

“Maya,” he blew her name on a sigh.

“Take me with you,” she implored, as tears filled her astounding tawny eyes. “I want to be with you, T’Kon.” She melded her body against his invisible one.

“You know nothing of me or my world.”

“Teach me, show me everything.”

He felt her heat burning inside him, yet the absurdity of her request burned brighter. “What you ask is not possible.”

“Will you please become visible so I can look at you?” She asked. “We need to talk about this before you go flying off into the universe.”

He unshielded his body so she could see him. “I cannot take you.”

“Why not? You can’t say it was coincidence that you happened to crash land in my back yard.”

No, an unfortunate accident. The truthful certainty traced across his mind. Yet his arms enclosed her and he lifted her up. Her legs straddled his waist, and he held her close against his body. A fit so right he could not deny it.

“I wish it were not so, but it is,” he whispered, breathing in her pungent scent. “You would not survive on my world.” He dropped his head to taste her lips before she had a chance to counter his words. “Just one last kiss.” Her mouth opened to allow his tongue entry and he explored the soft moistness, losing himself in her tang.

The stars help him. He did not want to leave her.

Without warning, a sudden and dangerous noise yanked T’Kon from his enamored stupor. He sensed peril approaching. In a rapid-fire move, he raised his palm. A copper arch flashed and shimmered before them revealing the entryway to his concealed spacecraft. He dragged her inside. Tapping a pad the opening closed leaving them hidden behind an undetectable shield.

* * ***

I hope you enjoy reading Forbidden love as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Kaye’s Bio: As a romance author, I lean toward the adventuresome in my writing. I love science fiction and all the enticing quantum theories surrounding it. Where characters rush through outer space at FTL, or teleport into another time, and even slipstream into an alternate reality. I like creating sizzling love scenes too with sexy heroes, and captivating heroines. It just seemed natural to combine all these elements together in my stories.

Kaye Manro

You can purchase FORBIDDEN LOVE by clicking here or visiting this page:

For more information on Kaye, please visit her Website at http://www.sfr.kayemanro.com or Kaye’s blog at http://kayemanro.blogspot.com/.

Thanks so much!