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#ThrowbackThursday Caridad & Selina SINS OF THE FLESH #FreeRead

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve re-released SINS OF THE FLESH and please remember, if you bought the print book from Amazon, you can now get the e-book for FREE!

SINS OF THE FLESH (and the other novels in the Sin Hunters series) would not have been possible without my fabulous editors at Grand Central Publishing, Selina McLemore and Latoya Smith. THANK YOU!

This is a photo of Selina and me at the 2012 RT Convention! Selina was a wonderful supporter of my work and if you’re wondering if she inspired the name for Adam’s mom, you’d be totally correct.
Caridad and Selina

#WriteWed You’ve Got a Friend

Whether you’re up or you’re down, friends are there to help or cheer. Today’s Writing Wednesday is all about friends, including all of you who make my day with your e-mails and comments.

The one best thing about my writing has been making so many new friends. It’s just been absolutely awesome and the source of so much joy, knowledge, fun and inspiration.

So today I’m sharing just some shots of the buddies I was able to meet at RT this year. You can click “See on Pinterest” to check out more photos!

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#ManCandyMonday Tom Hardy

I’m back from the RT Convention and I’ll have lots of photos for you shortly! I had a wonderful time and the best part was meeting so many of you who could make it down for the convention or book fair.

Today is Monday and what does that mean? MAN CANDY!

Today’s choice for #ManCandyMonday is the sexy Tom Hardy. I just caught THIS IS WAR last night with the equally sexy Chris Pine.

Tom snagged my eye in INCEPTION and I loved him in WARRIOR. It’s a great story about two brothers fighting each other physically and emotionally. Here’s the poster for the movie with all its amazing Man Candyness.


Of course, Tom is also well known for his role as Bane in the latest Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Tom will be reprising the Mad Max role in 2015 in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Hope you enjoy today’s Man Candy!

RT Book Reviews Convention Photos

As promised, I’m sharing some photos with you! It was so much fun getting to meet some of you at the conference. I really appreciate you coming by to talk with me and share some time.

To me, that’s the best thing about being a writer – getting to meet you! So here are those photos, including some with those of you who were so kind to drop by.

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Proud to be an American

Feeling very patriotic today. Maybe it was being at the SOS Military Mixer at the RT Convention. Or maybe it’s what is in the news everyday. Regardless, there is no doubt that despite all our differences, we should all stand tall and say that we are proud to be American. And we should be thankful every day for those who make it possible for us to have our Liberty and the right to express our differences.

So today I offer you a song that always chokes me up every time I hear it. I understand the amazing and wondrous gift that I have been given to be able to enjoy the American Dream. I also understand that the Dream is paid for by the sacrifice of our military men, women and their families, so this is to honor them today and every day. Never forget their sacrifice and never forget the words of John F. Kennedy when he said:

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

Mr. Romance 2011

On today’s rainy dreary, but Wicked Wednesday, I have a short video of the intro to the Mr. Romance competition and some photos to share.

First let me say, this year’s contestants were totally hot! I could picture more than one of them on the cover of a novel and Len, the winner, is definitely going to make a great cover model. Whether a cowboy, tycoon, vampire or military man, Len can fit the bill.

So, here goes on the video!

Here is a picture of Mr. Romance 2011 with my buddy Myrna! You can click here to see more photos from this year’s wonderful RT Convention.