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#ManCandyMonday Stuart Reardon

This morning we’re visiting with Stuart Reardon, an English professional rugby player and fitness model. Boy, is he fit! This video is for a line of underwear. Warning, there is some partial nudity and lots of hot guys! Stuart is the dark-haired man with the shoulder and sleeve of tattoos.

Click here if you can’t see the Stuart Reardon L’Homme Invisible Underwear ad below.

#ManCandyMonday Thom Evans Rugby Player & Model

Today’s Man Candy Monday is a little different, mainly because I think you need to see more than one lovely photo of today’s hottie!

Thom Evans was a rugby player until a neck injury forced him to retire and luckily for us, he decided to become a model. Yeah!

So today’s history of Thom Evans along with some lovely photos can be found at this fun Buzzfeed site. Just click to see today’s Man Candy Monday Thom Evans!