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#WriteWed Inspiration for #Vampire Reborn

My contribution to the Seductive Supernaturals #Boxset is VAMPIRE REBORN, from The Calling is Reborn vampire novel series.

What inspired me to write this particular story in the series? I think from the very first book, DARKNESS CALLS, I knew that I wanted to have characters that didn’t necessarily have a happily-ever-after right away. I mean, vampire and human.

There was the easy way to have it happen – turn Diana in the first book. My editors wanted me to do that at first, but I really resisted. I knew that it would be much more special if Diana and Ryder could find happy at that moment in time, but that their love had to grow stronger over the many books in the series.

Even after their big moments in BORN TO LOVE and DIE FOR LOVE, I knew that their love and their lives had to change.

Think about your own life. If you’re married, did the happy end right there? Was it always happy?

Probably not and that’s what I wanted to explore with VAMPIRE REBORN – the life after the big moments and how people grow together and drift apart (yes look for that in FIGHT FOR LOVE) and then come back together again.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring all that as well in VAMPIRE REBORN. I also hope you’ll enjoy reading all the other books in this boxed set from my wonderful writing buddies.


#TeaserTuesday VAMPIRE REBORN Excerpt & #Giveaway Winner

SEDUCTIVE SUPERNATURALS Paranormal Romance Box SetI’m having a lot of fun participating in the box sets with my author friends. It really gives us a chance to hang out together and to bring you all lots of stories to read at a really special price.

Our gift to you guys for being so awesome! Speaking of awesome, THANK YOU 🙂 for participating in yesterday’s contest. It seems like Mick was the winner, so Ryder is going to have to go home and work out some more for you!

The winner of the giveaway is Colleen!!! Yeah, Colleen! E-mail me and let me know what format you need for the e-book.

Now back to the box sets! SINS OF THE FLESH is in the Tall, Dark and Paranormal box set.

VAMPIRE REBORN, from The Calling is Reborn vampire novel series, is my contribution to the Seductive Supernaturals Box Set.

Some of you may know that The Calling is Reborn is a series of my heart and that Diana and Ryder are some of my all time favorite characters. I have so loved exploring how their relationship has developed since the first book was released and I look forward to many many more books with them and with the other characters from the series!

Click here if you can’t see the VAMPIRE REBORN excerpt below!

Vampire Reborn Novella Excerpt by Caridad Pineiro