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What turns you on or off?

Today’s Thursday 13 is a list of what turns me on or off and I’d love for you to share on the blog and also come out tonight to share your thoughts and find out more about human sexuality when I host the wonderful Dr. Charley Ferrer.

Dr. Charley is an award-winning Clinical Sexologist and Life Coach who helps individuals and couples reclaim their divine sexuality. Dr. Charley conducts workshops on sexual health, women’s empowerment, men, sex and relationships and I am honored to have her with me tonight at 10 PM EST for a discussion on sex, erotica, erotica romance and what turns you on or off!

You can click on this widget or cut and paste this link to join the video chat tonight: http://t.wbx.me/f8qgs

Also, drop by Sonya Clark today for an interview with yours truly and a giveaway!

So here goes for my 13 turn on/offs:

1. ON: Shoulder Length hair
2. OFF: Frizzy long hair
3. ON: Young men (think Chris Evans)
4. ON: Older elegant men (think Christopher Plummer)
5. OFF: Violence toward women
6. ON: Playful/Intense Sparring a la Diana and Ryder in DARKNESS CALLS
7. ON: Lean muscles and those little V things on guy’s hips
8. OFF: Too much muscle
9. ON: Some bald men (think Patrick Stewart)
10. OFF: Vampires that glitter
11. ON: Spike
12. ON: Playful bondage
13. OFF: Submission

Share your turn on/off now and tonight during our stimulating chat with Dr. Charley!

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A Frank Talk About Sex…

Scenes, that is. As fans of romance, many of the books we read often have scenes of intimacy between the couple in the story. In some books the door closes before the scene gets intense and leaves what follows to our imagination, although usually not before building some fine sexual tension.

In other books we get an intimate look at what’s happening, whether humorous, serious, dangerous or downright wild.

So let’s talk about those sex and/or love scenes, the two being distinct creatures in my book(s) (both literally and figuratively). Let’s discuss what you like and what you don’t like.

Paranormal Romance SINS OF THE FLESH by Caridad PineiroAnd while we’re at it, let’s talk about covers and what we like to see on them in terms of sex. Are some too embarrassing/suggestive/misleading?

I had a number of people tell me they were put off by the very obvious suggestion on the cover of my paranormal romance SINS OF THE FLESH that Mick was going somewhere very intimate with Caterina. The cover was just too. . .brazen might be the word to describe what’s going on.

Any thoughts? Are there things that you find a distinct turn off? Are there certain words that turn you off? Like d**k or c**k or f**k (just in case you find those offensive).

Are the love scenes in our romance novels becoming just sex scenes and lacking the emotion to make them truly memorable?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of the above and more on this very Wicked Wednesday.