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You asked for it! More Aussie #ManCandy

You’ve all been telling me how much you loved the Gods of Football and all that delicious Aussie Man Candy! So today we’re mixing up that sexiness with a little Aussie humor. This is an ad for UNDERDAKS, an Australian underwear company.

Warning, there is some content that some might find to be explicit so you are suitably warned. If you can’t see the video below, you can click here.

Discover THE LOST Energies: Oozing Sexiness

How many times have you seen or met someone and thought, “They just ooze sexiness.” Have you ever heard someone say that a person has “animal magnetism”?

Does that possibly mean that an individual has more sexual energy than those around her? Does it mean that when two people are “attracted” to each other, they are literally drawn together because they possess complementary energies, kind of like the positive and negative ends of a magnet?

It’s kind of fun thinking about sex and attraction in terms of energy and it definitely would explain myths like those of the succubi who drain people of their life forces through sexual activity.

In THE LOST and then in THE CLAIMED (May 2012), you’re going to meet a Shadow Hunter whose affinity is sexual energy. Maya, a villain in the books, feeds off the arousal of others and can also create intense need in those around her because of the force of her sexual energy.

Today’s Guilty Pleasure could probably play a very sexy Maya because she’s totally hot. If you saw her in the first UNDERWORLD, I’m sure you would agree that Kate Beckinsale is a great choice for today’s Guilty Pleasure/Discover THE LOST energies discussion.

Have you ever met anyone who possesses that kind of sexiness/magnetism? What about movie stars? Many think Johnny Depp has that kind of sexiness. Who are some of your sexy favorites?

Speaking of sexy heroes, come hear about CIA Agent Bill from THE FIFTH KINGDOM at this wonderful book club blog!

Photo Credit: Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería@wikipedia.en.com

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kevin James

I’ve seen it over and over again and can’t agree more – The sexiest organ on a man is his brain. Especially when you couple it with using that brain to produce humor.

Humor is so sexy and for me, Kevin James is one of those examples of a man who is sexy by virtue of being funny and totally endearing. This is a shot of him in HITCH where he stole the show from Will Smith (another hottie) with his portrayal of a totally socially inept man in love from afar with a gorgeous and uber-wealthy woman.

What about you? Do you find humor and brains sexy?