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Last Day Amazon Awakening Release Party #Giveaway #Ereader

Today is the last day in the AMAZON AWAKENING release party although we’ll still be celebrating this release for the rest of the month of December.

As you might know from the last few days, AMAZON AWAKENING is my first foray into writing erotic paranormal romance.

Why go sexier? Well, there are some stories that just lend themselves to a sexier story line and I have to admit, I like edgy stories. But I also like romance and seeing the developing relationship so I’ve made it a point in all of the stories that I’ll be doing for Nocturne Cravings to provide that romantic arc.

But I also know that some people don’t like the sexiness. They’d rather close the door on what happens with the couple. I guess that’s one of the reasons why Inspirationals and Young Adult books are so popular. Many readers have told me they look to these for stories that are sweeter.

Today’s question for you is: Do you like sexy or sweet or both? What do you like or not like about stories that are erotic (especially since I have another 3 to write for Nocturne Cravings!)?

Leave you answer below to earn some points on this final day of the release party!

Now for more on the giveaway! Here are the prizes:

Grand Prize: A SONY E-reader (or a $25 GC for those of you who already have e-readers) loaded with copies of AZTEC GOLD, THE FIFTH KINGDOM and ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.

2 Second chance prizes: THE LOST T-shirt and copy of A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS

So how do you get a chance to win the above prizes? Collect 10 points between now and midnight PST on December 7 (today!) by doing the following:

1 point: Tweet or share on Facebook, Tumbler, Google+ the following (only one per day- 5 points maximum):
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5 points: Send me a link to your review of AMAZON AWAKENING.

1 point: Stumble, Digg, Delicious or Reddit this website or this blog post.

1 point: Follow me on Twitter or at my Facebook Fan Page (one point for each)

1 point: Leave a comment on this blog post or any other blog post up until the end of the contest (one point for each- 5 points maximum).

1 point: Share the excerpt below on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, etc. and send me a link to where it is on your site!


This excerpt contains mature subject matter so do not open unless you are at least 18.

If you can’t see the widget below, you can cut and paste this link:

Erotic Paranormal Romance Amazon Awakening Excerpt