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Elf Yourself

Before we get into full Fun Friday mode, just some quick things –

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting at JoJo’s Book Corner and we’ll be having a little giveaway!

On Sunday, my friend and fellow author Donna Grant will be here guest blogging and she’ll have a little surprise giveaway as well, so be sure to visit.

But now . . .

With Christmas only ONE WEEK AWAY, it’s time to really get into the Christmas spirit if you’re not there already!

I’m almost there, but I think this little Elf Dance is sure to push me over the edge into full holiday mode. You can Elf Yourself also at ElfYourself.com! Now don’t worry if disco isn’t your thing. You can choose from several other dance styles.

For me, being married to an ex-disco boy from Brooklyn, there is only one dance to do! Do I have the moves or what?

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Christmas at the Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is my favorite building in New York City. I love the exterior look of it with all the little touches that speak of its original owners. I know it may be tough to see from the ground, but look up anyway for a gander at the metal hubcaps worked into the outlines of cars along the one story. Also check out the gargoyle-looking metal corners which are representations of the hood ornaments of the Chrysler cars of that time.

Inside the building is just as lovely. This morning as I walked in, I decided to share with you the gorgeous Christmas tree in the lobby. They’ve also been having music at lunch hour to get you in the Christmas spirit.

If you look closely in this picture, you can see the beautiful marble on the walls, the metal sconces and other Art Deco metalwork on the building directory as well as a piece of the artwork up on the ceiling of the lobby. That’s actually a canvas that was painted offsite and then placed on the ceiling. I understand it’s considered the largest work on canvas in the world.

Hoping this is adding to your holiday spirit!

Chrysler Christmas Tree

Sexy Santa Lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go . . .

Including the website! We’ve decorated it a little for the holidays and I hope you like it.

So getting into the holiday mood this week in other ways. Spent all my day and evening yesterday decorating the house and moving around the tables in the dining room so we can fit in all the people that are coming for Christmas Eve. We’re expecting 27 people and am I’m so excited about it! It’s always nice to share the spirit of love and friendship at Christmas and at my house, there is always room at the inn for another person.

For today, however, we’re going to get naughty with our sexy Santa lights to help you get into the holiday spirit if you’re not already feeling it. Many thanks to my friends at the Writing Playground for originally introducing me to this wonderful man!