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When Cakes Go Steampunk!

This Fun Friday is thanks to my buddy Carolyn who shared this cool CakeWrecks site with me. Thanks!

You may remember all those Steampunk costume photos I brought back from DragonCon (click here to view them and more).

Well now cakes are going Steampunk as well, including some pretty nifty wedding cakes.

(From BillGlover's Flickr stream, & made by Bronwen Weber)
(From BillGlover’s Flickr stream, & made by Bronwen Weber)(FYI – If you haven’t caught Bronwen on one of the Food Network’s Cake Challenges, you sure are missing an amazing artist!)

To see more of these amazing Steampunk cakes, you can click here or cut and paste this link into your browser: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2009/10/sunday-sweets-steampunk.html

Hope you all have a great and glorious weekend!

Dragon Con Day 2

Heaven. . . I’m in heaven . . .
‘Cuz were out together dancing geek to geek.

Okay – I’m out of the closet and proclaiming my inner geekdom. It’s always been there, but now I’m out! Of course, I think you kind of knew I was that way when I told you I was a science major in college.

The conference is totally amazing! I am so impressed by the costumes people have put together and the way some of these people just slip in and out of character. Awesome.

Steampunk seems to be all the rage this year. Lots of people dressed up in Victorian-style clothing with all the alternate weaponry/technology attached.

Some interesting Celtic, Alternative and Goth bands playing music in the common areas.

And total fan girl moment — I saw James Marsters (formerly Spike on Buffy) on his way into the elevator! Couldn’t move fast enough to snap his picture, but boy, was he handsome!!! 😯

I’ve got a mess of pictures for you. You can watch this slideshow or use this link to visit the album: