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#TeaserTuesday Fight the Shadows #RomanticSuspense

FIGHT THE SHADOWS Romantic suspenseFIGHT THE SHADOWS is part of the Shadow Ops Kindle World by CJ Lyons. CJ has created an amazing concept around the Special Threats Response Team, a group of heroes who go in when no other agency can or will go in. The head of this unique team is Rose Prospero and she is an absolutely fascinating woman. Her second-in-command is Billy Price and he couldn’t be more different from Rose. The one thing they have in common: Their desire to protect their country from harm.

This teaser is from the start of FIGHT THE SHADOWS and you meet Rose and Billy. I loved exploring what’s happening with these characters, but also introducing my own two characters, National Guardsman Patricia Morales and former Marine Rick Sanchez, as new members of the STR team.

Click here if you cannot see the FIGHT THE SHADOWS excerpt below.

You can purchase FIGHT THE SHADOWS and the other releases in the Shadow Ops World here:

FIGHT THE SHADOWS by Caridad Pineiro
DANGER’S HEAT by LS Silverii

Please note that these are all standalone stories and do not have to be read together (except for the books by LS Silverii).

Copyright 2015 Shadow Ops World CJ Lyons Kindle Worlds & Text by Caridad Pineiro Scordato – All Rights Reserved

Subway Takes a Wrong Turn?

Imagine waking up to this outside your door!

LOL! April Fool! This is actually a staged shot done for April Fool’s Day in Copenhagen, a most beautiful city. Apparently Gevalia coffee does a series of ads where their name pops up on various vehicles. Kind of funny!

Thanks to Lars Andersen@wikipedia.com for releasing this into the public domain.

On a more serious note: NO SNOW! At least not in NYC and my neck of the NJ Woods. It’s even a little warmer, maybe a sign that Spring will finally arrive. Maybe. Hopefully. Please, please, please come soon!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. As for me, I’m working on new holiday vampire novella for Harlequin. I’ve got it almost there, but am tweaking some parts to make certain elements clearer. It’s a radical departure for me in the vampire world, I think. Very different from THE CALLING vampire novels. More similar to MORE THAN A MISSION in terms of style, sexiness and emotion. Here’s hoping my editor likes it.

Thoughtful Thursday – Mass Transit Mania

trainThis morning was one of those rough kinds of days. NJ Transit train sat on the tracks into New York. Metrocard machine for the subway wasn’t taking credit cards. Subway wasn’t running, making me walk up several flights to a different subway line.

Total time to office: 2 hours.

Having said that, I can’t imagine any other way to get to work other than mass transit, especially in a place like New York. The ride is usually good and uneventful. I’m being environmentally friendly, which hopefully makes up for chopping down the Christmas tree each year. I have a seat on the train and write until we reach NYC, pumping out several pages if I’m lucky.

Normally I would walk to work, being economically friendly to myself, but it was 8 degrees this morning. Subway weather.

This morning just happened to be the perfect storm of lousy weather, delays and off line machines.

Do you commute to work? Is it a long one, short one? Do you like it?

My thoughts for this Thursday. Wishing you all a good day!