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#ManCandyMonday Man Buns, Bad Boy Bracelets & Thumb Rings

Sometimes there is a lot of the writer in the characters they create and I’m finding that’s the case with Connie, the heroine in #2 in the #AtTheShore series. In one scene, Connie admits that she doesn’t like “Man Buns, Bad Boy Bracelets & Thumb Rings”, but finds them amazingly attractive on the hero, Jonathan Pierce. Yep, she’s falling for the Bad Boy and it’s really interesting.

So why mention this today on Man Candy Monday? Because I find myself intrigued by Wil Willis from Forged in Fire who has Bad Boyness in spades in addition to a man bun, bracelets, and rings.

Wil is an actor and writer who is also ex-military and from a military family. Wil was an Army Ranger and then served as an Air Force Pararescueman. He’s the host of Forged in Fire and has also hosted a number of other shows related to the military and weaponry. The show is fascinating and Wil is as hot as the forges on the show!

Thanks to Wil’s Facebook Fan Page for this smoldering photo!