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#WickedWednesday Sexy Excerpt from Stay the Night

Stay the Night Erotic Military RomanceSTAY THE NIGHT is available for pre-order at various retailers and will be available on December 15. It’s the next book – #4 – in the Take a Chance series.

I have so loved writing these stories about military heroes risking it all for a night that may lead to a lifetime of love and passion. I hope you’ve been enjoying the series as well. If you haven’t checked it out yet, your best bet is the Take a Chance Box Set which is only 2.99. That’s 99 cents per novella.

STAY THE NIGHT is a story about Rafe Castillo, a Navy Seal who has been away at war for five years and finds himself coming home to a woman who has changed drastically since the day he married her. Rafe still loves Elena, but he’s not sure if she’s still in love with him and whether there is a place in her life any more. She’s accomplished so much and he feels as if she’s passed him by.

In this scene, Rafe is on his way home and remembering the very first time that he and Elena made love. Warning – this scene is for mature audiences. If you can’t read the excerpt below, click here to read this teaser from Stay the Night.

#TeaserTuesday STAY THE NIGHT Erotic Military Romance

Stay the Night Erotic Military RomanceI’m so excited that I’ve almost finished the final editing on the next book in the Take a Chance series!

STAY THE NIGHT is the story of Navy Seal Rafe Castillo and his wife Elena. They are two people who have been in love with each other forever, but when they are forced into marriage by an unexpected pregnancy, it changes the course of their lives.


He was the kind of man that every woman would want . . .

Sexy and handsome Rafael Castillo was a star athlete and honor student. Everyone knew Rafe was going places and would make his hometown proud. Elena Martinez dreams of the day that the friendship she shares with Rafe will turn into something more. When that moment comes she doesn’t hesitate to grab it, and Rafe, with both hands.

She was the woman he’d dreamed of and whose life he’d ruined . . .

Rafe has been in love with Elena since the fifth grade when she stood up for him and stopped bullies from teasing him for being different. In the years since then, Rafe has watched Elena grow into a smart, beautiful, and desirable woman. He had hoped Elena would be a part of his future and was determined to show her how special she is to him.

Can they forget the past in order to build their future?

A fateful night of passion will change the future both Elena and Rafe had envisioned. Forced into marriage by an unexpected pregnancy, they find themselves separated by the demands of impending parenthood. Rafe enlists in the Navy Seals to support his new wife and the child who is on the way, but Fate is determined to throw them another curve. After Elena’s miscarriage and years of separation during Rafe’s tours of duty, have they grown too far apart or is love still possible between them?


If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read the Stay the Night excerpt.

STAY THE NIGHT will be released on December 15th, but you can pre-order STAY THE NIGHT at the following retailers:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/AMZStay
Nook: http://bit.ly/BNStay
Kobo: http://bit.ly/KoboStay
iBooks: http://bit.ly/iBooksStay

#WriteWed ONE LAST NIGHT and Family Relationships

ONE LAST NIGHT Erotic Military RomanceFamily relationships can be both difficult and rewarding. It all depends on the people involved and the challenges they have been presented in life. Sometimes people are presented with challenges they handle in ways that harmful to the family relationship even though they think that what they’re doing is the right thing.

I had a situation in my life like that after my mom died. We really weren’t ready for it because she was so young and it happened so fast and the aftermath was hard in many ways. I coped with it as I could, trying to make things as right as I could for the people around me.

It took me a long time to realize that I hadn’t given myself the time I needed to grieve and that the people around me didn’t necessarily want or need what I had done to keep things on an even keel.

It was that kind of life challenge that inspired the relationship between Trevor and his father. I can’t really say what the “big event” in Trevor’s life was without spoiling a key revelation in ONE LAST NIGHT, but I will tell you that it was what led in large part to the path Trevor chooses to walk and his estrangement from his father.

Kind of heavy for a sexy kind of story, but for me the story is all about the emotion and romance. If that’s not there, all the sex in the world won’t make it right.

I guess I did something right. Here’s what Samantha H. had to say about ONE LAST NIGHT:

    “Beautifully written love story. Trevor and Maggie’s book is one story that you must read. Their love story will make you laugh, cry, and fan yourself.”

#ManCandyMonday Rafe from Stay the Night

We had a little contest the other day on Facebook (so sorry to those not on FB! I promise we will do another one here soon!) to pick what Rafe might look like for STAY THE NIGHT, the next book in the Take a Chance series!

So the winner of an acknowledgement in Stay the Night, as picked by random.org is JoAn Varner! The overwhelming choice for Rafe was the clean cut version and so here he is on this #ManCandyMonday!
Rafe from Stay the night

Stay the Night will be out the first week of December! Can’t wait for you to read this really emotional and sexy story about a Navy Seal husband and his wife who have grown apart and now must decide if there is a future together for them!

Also, if you have a blog or other social media page and want to participate in the release day blitz for the Take a Chance Box Set, please sign up here: http://bit.ly/TakeAChanceboxsetRDB

#ManCandyMonday Rafe from Stay the Night

I’m busy working on the next book in the Take a Chance series – Stay the Night. I’ve been having an interesting time of it since this is the story of a married couple who have grown apart over the years of Rafe’s military duty. Elena, Rafe’s wife, has been home and growing and changing over the years while Rafe feels like he’s been left behind, especially when he comes home to a very different, sexier more independent woman, and the home she’s just bought for them. It’s a lot of conflict early on as the couple have to decide if the passion that forced them into a marriage as teens has enough love to let them build a future together.

In an early scene in the book, Rafe is recollecting the first time he and Elena made love on the beach. I was looking for photos for today and this one caught my eye. I could picture a young Rafe resting beneath a pier, waiting for Elena for another of their passionate night time encounters.

I hope you all have a good Monday!
Young Rafe from Stay the Night

#ManCandyMonday ONE LAST NIGHT & #Giveaways

One Last Night New Adult Erotic RomanceLots of things happening this Monday! For starters, from today until November 3, I will be donating all proceeds from sales of ONE LAST NIGHT to a nationally recognized organization that helps wounded military men, women and their families.

ONE LAST NIGHT is the story of Marine Lieutenant Trevor Mason who is home from war and has just one wish: to reconcile with his estranged father. But when his father abruptly cancels their dinner plans, his dad’s sexy intern Maggie Sullivan shows up to offer an apology and compassion. The sexual heat between Trevor and Maggie is immediate. Can one last night turn into something much more lasting?

ONE LAST NIGHT is specially priced at 99 cents for a limited time and is available at these retailers:

For some more housekeeping before we get to today’s Man Candy!

Book Birthday Winner

The winner of an e-copy of the Take a Chance Erotic Romance box set and a Vampire Reborn t-shirt is . . .


Yeah! Please send me your email and postal addresses so I can get out the goodies for you!

Romancing Halloween Blog Hop

Speaking of #giveaways, I’m part of the Romancing Halloween Blog Hop and you can win a grand prize as well as a number of other prizes by visiting the various stops along the Blog Hop.

Man Candy – Tattoos or no Tattoos

What do you think about the tattoo craze? I’m not sure I’m a fan of it, especially when entire arms and other body parts are so filled with “art” that skin is not visible. What about today’s choice? Thumbs up or down?

#FreebieFriday Just One Night #Giveaway

I’m so excited about the release of Just One Night and am already working on the next novella in the Take a Chance series!

To celebrate the release, I’m having a giveaway over on Facebook. Yes, I know many of you don’t do Facebook and that’s okay. Just leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win a box filled with swag from the RT Convention & BEA as well as an autographed copy of SINS OF THE FLESH #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense, #Vampire Reborn (http://bit.ly/vampirereborn) T-shirt & necklace, and a convention tote bag!