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Tuesday Tips – Easter Egg Hunts

bunnyAs kids, my mom always held Easter Egg hunts for us. She would fill plastic Easter Eggs with candy, little toys and loose change, hide the eggs all over our yard in Levittown and then set us loose to find them. Sometimes we didn’t and months later, as we were weeding or planting a garden bed, we’d find one of those brightly colored eggs.

My sister and I have kept up this tradition with our kids and even though they are into their teens and early twenties, they still line up to find the eggs hidden in the yard. Of course, at this age the prizes include a bit more money than candy and toys, but it’s still a lot of fun to head out into the yard to hide the eggs and then watch the kids try to find them. Much like it happened when we were kids, months later my sister will find an Easter Egg that someone didn’t track down. We’ve even included the neighborhood kids on some years, some of whom had never done an Easter Egg hunt in their lives!

So if you want to try this tradition out, purchase the plastic easter eggs. They come in all different kinds of sizes and we usually mix up everything from the very small robin’s egg size to the larger nearly ostrich egg size. Candy and change are always good. Sometimes we make one the Super Egg and put in $5. Small toys are good, but make sure they are appropriate for the age of your kids.

Good sources for the candy, eggs and toys: Five Below, Target, Walmart and Oriental Trading (which is online). Actually, if you’re doing anything themed or need funky small gifts, Oriental Trading is a great place to find stuff. We use them all the time for our annual block party so that we have reasonably priced prizes for the assorted contests we have.

So, this Easter, take a moment to explore your inner bunny! Fill up those eggs, hide them out in the yard and watch your kids have a blast trying to find them!