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Happy Halloween Treats & Pictures from the Past

Happy Happy Halloween! I just love today and seeing all the kids (and adults) get dressed up and have some fun! Today I’ve got some pictures for you from some of our past Halloweens as well as my Pinterest board for Halloween. That’s where I store up ideas for all kinds of Halloween treats and things.

The very first photo is of me and my daughter on her very first Halloween. She was just over two months old and wearing an “I love Mummy” outfit! LOL!

I hope you have a fabulous day and an awesome weekend!

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Free Recipe Book – Special Thursday Treat

Last week I promised you a collection of recipes and here it is! There are recipes which are mentioned and/or connected to my various novels while there are others that are just family favorites.

I hope you will enjoy both making some of these recipes as well as eating them.

If you cannot see the screen below, you can click here to read it. Please note that there is also a download capability with this PDF version.

Recipes for the Romantic Soul

Fun Friday – Halloween Treats

Halloween is around the corner, so it’s time to start decorating and think of some neat treats to celebrate a paranormal writer’s favorite time of year (besides Christmas!)

Here are some interesting recipes to try this Halloween!

Courtesy of Pillsbury:

Thanks to Dangerous Reader Mimmi for sharing these treats with me and the other Dangerous Women.

Also check out these other fun treats from Kraft:

Hope these help you get into the Halloween spirit! Have a great weekend!