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Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

An apology to all those on Team Edward, but as much as all of you know that I love vampires, I’ve got to get on the side of Team Jacob this morning! How can I not with the likes of Taylor Lautner playing the werewolf in the Bella-Edward-Jacob triangle?

You can grab this brooding Jacob wallpaper from over at the official NEW MOON Movie site (but be prepared to wait for the never-ending flash gadgets!)

And if that’s not enough eye-candy for you this Guilty Pleasures Monday, well then you can click here for more shots displaying Taylor’s rather sculpted physique!

If you’re in the mood to talk about vampires this morning, don’t forget to drop by and visit my Dark Side Demon Monday over at Danger Women Writing.

Fr***g’n Twilight

On this Fun Friday, it seems to be another day for the Jersey Shore. This time it’s a hilarious spoof on the extremely popular Twilight with its glittery brooding teen vamps. Sit back and enjoy Fr***g’g Twilight from the Jimmy Kimmel Special the other night. You gotta love those glittering abs and the “He’s Italian?” comment and response!

If you can’t see the video below, you can also click on this link for the Fr***g’g Twilight spoof or cut and paste this link into your browser:

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be down the shore, filming some videos for you for my upcoming release STRONGER THAN SIN!

Wicked Wednesday – Darkness Calls

DARKNESS CALLS by Caridad PineiroSometimes a character just screams and screams at you to write their story. That happened to me recently with Dr. Liliana Carrera who gets her wish this November in STRONGER THAN SIN.

One of the first times it happened with me was with Diana Reyes from THE CALLING vampire novels.
I was actually in the middle of finishing up a baseball series (never published) for the Encanto line when Diana started her campaign to get me to write her story.

She was so loud in my head that I actually set aside the book on which I was working! What came to mind for Diana was a story about a determined and prickly FBI Agent who encounters a man who is determined to protect her no matter how much she tells him she doesn’t need it. At the time I had no plans on having that man — Ryder Latimer — be a vampire. But as Diana and Ryder stayed in the back of my brain while I finished the other book, it became apparent that the nature of their conflict demanded that one of them be dead. Or should I say undead.

With the first few chapters polished, my then agent sent it off. Nearly a year later – no bites. (VBG – Big pun intended.)

My agent and I parted ways since it became apparent I was not going to be the next Latina Terry McMillan. (I think every Latina author would be rich if they had a penny for each time they’d heard that phrase!)

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for DARKNESS CALLS and the general comments that there was no interest in vampire stories (LOL!), I knew I had to write this book. The characters kept calling to me, screaming that they needed to see the light of the day. Over a Christmas break from work, I went home and started writing. A couple of weeks later, the book was done and an amazing thing happened.

An editor from Harlequin wanted to see it. She liked my writing and the premise intrigued her. She sent it on to a colleague to read and the next thing I knew . . . I had a publisher for the book of my heart!

So there is a lesson there — persistence pays off. Never give up on those dreams.

Today I’m sharing with you the original version of a scene from the book — a Director’s Cut. We changed up some things along the way to publication, but I think you’ll find that both this scene and the one that ultimately made it into the final version are true to Diana and Ryder.

If you cannot see the e-reader version below, you can click here for the DARKNESS CALLS Director’s Cut or cut and paste this link into your browser:

Darkness Calls Director’s Cut

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kellan Lutz in his Calvins

Word of warning on this gorgeous Monday morning — beware the photos of today’s Guilty Pleasure Kellan Lutz, better known for his turn as a vampire in the Twilight franchise. There is absolutely nothing that out-glitters these shots of him for the latest Calvin Klein commercial. So take a moment to sit back and enjoy — but keep all liquids and other spewables away from your keyboard. Or maybe not. On second thought, maybe have a big glass of ice cold water ready for today’s hottie!

Fun Friday – Taming the Vampire Craze

Just a quick reminder that I’m guest blogging with fellow author Kelly Moran who has an interview with me as well as a book giveaway! I’ll be dropping by to chat again today so please come for a visit. Here’s the link to her blog: http://authorkellymoran.blogspot.com/

I want to thank all of you who have been so gracious in visiting me at my various blog stops to celebrate the release of SINS OF THE FLESH. This is such an important move for me as an author and I appreciate all that support.

And now . . . It’s time for Fun Friday!!

Many thanks to my friend and fellow author Irene Peterson for sharing this gem with me. Sit back and relax – it’s six minutes long!

Hope you all have a great weekend!