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An Uplifting Friday

I want to thank my friend Wendy, one of our Dangerous Readers, as well as Tina Dee Books at The Homestead Hearth for this wonderful story and sharing the clip below about Tim Tebow (you can cut and paste this link in case you can’t see the video:

You may remember that I had picked Tim as one of our Guilty Pleasures some time back. I had been impressed not just with his looks, but with his leadership, acts of kindness and intense belief in his faith. He has once again shown that he practices what he preaches.

Fun Friday – The Home Run

I want to thank my friend Karin T. for forwarding the link to this short film. I had read about the true story upon which it is based last year and was uplifted by the strength of character and caring of the individuals involved. For this Friday, I am sharing it with you in the hopes that it will lift your spirits as well.

You can follow this link to this inspirational short film: