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#TeaserTuesday #Vampire Reborn Novella

I’ve got an excerpt for you today from Vampire Reborn, a novella in The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novel series. This is a series of my heart and I love the direction the stories are taking! Here’s a little blurb for Vampire Reborn:

A life alone . . .

For nearly two centuries, vampire Ryder Latimer had lived alone, uncomfortable in the vampire world and unloved in the human world. Ryder had never dared hope that he’d find love in his endless existence.

Brought together . . .

Fate brought FBI Agent Diana Reyes into Ryder’s world and in the five years since they met, they’ve battled long and hard for a life together. With Ryder’s love, Diana has climbed out of a dark abyss that had kept her prisoner for far too long.

A Vampire Reborn . . .

It’s been a month since Diana and Ryder became man and wife. A month since Ryder almost lost his life to protect his wife and their newborn child. But now something is happening in Ryder’s body that is making him more human at a time when he needs to be at full vampire strength to protect his loved ones.

Will fear and doubt drive Ryder to embrace his vampire self and be reborn at the cost of his new family? Or will Diana’s love battle back the darkness that threatens?

WARNING: This excerpt is for mature audiences only!

Please click here if you can’t see the Vampire Reborn excerpt below.

Vampire Reborn Novella Excerpt by Caridad Pineiro

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#FridayReads VAMPIRE REBORN Novella from The Calling\Reborn Vampire Novel Series

VAMPIRE REBORN NovellaIt’s Friday! Whoop whoop! Doing the happy dance and looking forward to some spring weather this weekend. I’ll be taking a stroll with a friend along the boardwalk, but also getting to work on some new things, namely, an erotic novella for an anthology with some friends and FIGHT FOR LOVE, the next book in The Calling\Reborn series.

But first . . . I just released VAMPIRE REBORN, a novella in the series.


In this story, Diana and Ryder are acclimating to the many changes in their lives. Ryder in particular is having a tough time dealing with the beat down that he suffered at the hands of psycho vampire Connall Burke, Michaela’s father.

But he’s also dealing with something else. Something almost unbelievable, namely that he might be turning human again. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right.

VAMPIRE REBORN explores the issues that Diana and Ryder are dealing with, but also expands on the slayer mythology and the origins of slayer, vampire and human life forces. It also sets up FIGHT FOR LOVE where Diana and Ryder, along with Ben and his new love interest, will have to face some very startling truths about themselves and about the foundations of all that they believe. FIGHT FOR LOVE will be out in early summer, but VAMPIRE REBORN is available now and is specially priced at .99 for a limited time.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read the Vampire Reborn Novella excerpt. Please click here to purchase the Vampire Reborn Novella!

Vampire Reborn Novella Excerpt