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Share your wardrobe malfunction & a chat today!

We’ve all had it happen. We’re walking along and POP goes the bra strap. Or at the worst possible moment, that easy-to-undo clasp or hook just doesn’t want to give.

My most embarrassing moment happened one day while I was walking through Grand Central Terminal and my slip fell right off and puddled around my ankles. I had lost weight and clearly the elastic was no longer in any condition to keep that slip up around my waist. So there I am, beige lace and nylon wrapped around my ankles! Worse yet, one of the secretaries from the office was walking right toward me! I don’t even remember how I did it and suspect Houdini would have been proud, but I managed to whip the slip right off and into my briefcase. Whew! If the secretary saw, she didn’t say thankfully.

How about you? On this Fun Friday, share one of your more humorous, embarrassing or even sexy wardrobe malfunctions! Remember, every comment you leave all this month counts as an entry in the May SIN HUNTER HUNTER SHORE SPECIAL CONTEST.

Also, I’m calling All Paranormal Romance Lovers to come visit with the wonderful and amazing Angela Knight and me today at 2 pm EST. You can click here to listen to a Blog Talk Radio interview as Angela and I talk about our series, what’s up in the world of paranormals and all other kinds of fun things!