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#ThrowbackThursday Wedding Inspiration for ONE SUMMER NIGHT

I’ve always been a beach girl. Growing up on Long Island, a lot of my summer was spent on Jones Beach and now that I’m a Jersey Girl, I spend as much time as I can down the Jersey Shore. When the idea came to me for the At the Shore series, there was no doubt that there would be a wedding on the beach for one or more of my Jersey Girls. Years ago, hubby and I attended a fabulous wedding in California and as I started to write the wedding scenes for ONE SUMMER NIGHT, I remembered that West Coast wedding and thought about how a New Jersey version might look. Here’s a photo from the California wedding. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

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#FunFriday A Wedding a la Beauty & the Beast

My two fav animated features are Beauty and the Beast and Anastasia. Seeing live action versions of my two favs this year has been AMAZING! I know I’m not the only who loves these movies given the fandom at the movie theater for B&B and the amazing lines and responses of attendees at the Broadway version of Anastasia!

But now, for some Friday Fun, a couple whose real live B&B wedding was gorgeous! Check it out. If you can’t see the video below, click here to see the Beauty & the Beast Wedding or use this link: http://7ny.tv/2qeiNNp

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#ManCandyMonday Liam Hemsworth

I’m working on SINCE WE WERE 18 (the tentative title for #1 in the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids series) and the brother of the hero is a laid-back, thrill-seeking, surfer-type dude. His name is Johnson, but everyone calls him J for a variety of reasons. I’ve been thinking of who I might cast to play J and Liam Hemsworth came to mind. Welcome Liam to Man Crush Monday!

Photo Credit: Kurt Kulac (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

#FreebieFriday Jersey Girl Bridesmaid Koozie #Giveaway

Today we’re having a different kind of Freebie Friday, namely, a free Koozie giveaway while supplies last! Here is what the Koozie looks like:

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#WriteWed Inspiration for Nickie from Just One Night

Just One Night New Adult Erotic Romance by Caridad PineiroWhen I decided to write a story about twentysomethings who had to make tough choices, it was difficult to find the kinds of professions where the hero and heroine might have to choose between love and their careers.

When it came to the hero, I had been inspired to make him a Marine from my days at Villanova with their ROTC program.

The inspiration for Nickie, the medical school student, likewise came from my days at college. I was a science major who intended to go to med school. Went the whole route of taking the MCATs and applying. Interviewed and was wait-listed at Columbia.

In the meantime I started working at a law firm to earn some money to pay for food, school, and stuff. That’s where I discovered my love of Intellectual Property law and decided to go to law school. Being a lawyer gave me reasons to truly embrace a path to a writing career and publishing my first book.

So even though God closed the door to med school, he gave me a path to take me to where I am today.

Anyway, back to Nickie. Being in med school was going to be tough for her and also tough for any relationship with someone who wasn’t going to be around. I knew that this would be perfect for the story in Just One Night, especially since it points out some of the things Jase and Nickie have in common. They both are strong and protective and they both want to help others. Perfect.

I hoped you liked this little #WriteWed behind the scenes from Just One Night.

Just one other thing! Today’s my anniversary, so I’m sharing with you this photo from our wedding day which was so so many years ago. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I met my hubby during our Villanova days.

My First Christmas in America

My nephew is getting married in September which is very exciting! As part of the preparations for the wedding, my sister has been rounding up some family photos. She shared this one with me. It was one I don’t ever recall seeing and yet it’s a special one.

This is my sister and me on our first Christmas in America.
First Christmas in America

That’s me in the back, closest to the tree, a Charlie Brown one if ever I saw one and yet you can see how happy we were.

We were somewhere safe. We were with my parents again. It had been nearly a year and a half since my parents had been forced to flee Cuba and came to the United States to request political asylum. My sister and I had remained with my maternal grandparents in Cuba, expecting that all of us would soon leave shortly to join my parents in the United States.

It didn’t happen that way. Not with Castro.

It’s a long story, but seeing this picture and our joy, I know that things worked out as they should have even if the road to get here was difficult.

Seeing where I’ve gone in all those years, how our family has prospered thanks to this Nation, I know the sacrifice and journey was worth it.

Thanks for coming by today! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday.

Amazing Wedding on the West Coast

Hubby and I got invited to a must do wedding on the West Coast. It was tough to fly out for just a few days and fly back, but so worth it. The wedding was absolutely amazing and we did have a day to just hang and check out Crystal Cove State Park and Balboa Island. Very cool places. So I’m sharing some photos for you from our too short jaunt!

Can’t wait to go back in July for the RWA National Conference and share some more time with my California friends.

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