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Guilty Pleasures Monday – Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Kate Beckinsale

asjThe other day a friends was blogging about who they might cast to play the hero/heroine in their lastest novel. So, I thought I’d give it a shot and started thinking about who might fit the bill.

Today’s Guilty Pleasures Monday are those two actors who I can envision playing Mick and Caterina from SINS OF THE FLESH — Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Kate Beckinsale (always a favorite and a repeat Guilty Pleasure).

Antonio first became well-known thanks to a series of Calvin Klein ads and is currently starring in a reality TV show – My Antonion. You can click here to find out more about the show and watch the first episode.

Kate Beckinsale has starred in a number of movies, including my personal favorites like UNDERWORLD and UNDERWORLD:EVOLUTION and THE AVIATOR. Kate’s latest movie WHITEOUT, where she plays a U.S. Marshall assigned to Antartica, premieres on September 11. Here is a sneak peek at the trailer for that sub-zero crime thriller!