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Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews Guilty Pleasures

You know I watched the Super Bowl yesterday like millions of people around the world. I was rooting for Green Bay – small town team owned by the public. #6 seed and suffering countless injuries that would have put another team in last place. What can I say? They were the underdog to me against the mighty Steelers.

So today I’ve got a duo of Guilty Pleasures from the Super Bowl Champs! From the offense none other than the stubble-cheeked Aaron Rodgers. From the defense, the long-haired and rock hard Clay Matthews.

Enjoy them ladies and take a moment to add your own football favorites!

Aaron Rodgers Photo Credit: Chad Davis@en.wikipedia.com
Clay Matthews Photo Credit: Bobak Ha’Eri@en.wikipedia.com

Fun Friday – Odd News

In the first odd news of the day, I woke up yesterday morning and had somehow been transported to Wisconsin. Yes, seventeen more inches of snow had fallen from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, blanketing the streets and homes in New Jersey. Adding another foot and a half to the mounds lining streets and my driveway. It is now official that I can barely see over those mounds to the street!

So sorry that I didn’t provide a blog yesterday, but part of the morning was spent shoveling out and then I worked from home so as to not fall too far behind at work.

And now for some more Odd News! If you cannot see the video below, you can click here to view it.