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#ManCandyMonday Nicholas Hoult

The other day I finally got around to watching Warm Bodies. Loved it! An interesting premise that was really well done. The zombie hero was really really adorable and quite cute, even in zombie mode. If you haven’t seen it, you really must watch it.

Imagine my surprise when that same cutie showed up in the latest Jaguar commercials. There is just something sexy nerdy about him that I can’t resist. So here’s Nicholas Hoult, hero from Warm Bodies, and the bad boy in the Jaguar commercials.

If you can’t see the ad below, click here to see the Nicholas Hoult Jaguar commercial.

Here’s another fun thing from the Warm Bodies Facebook page!

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Andrew Lincoln

It was one of those days where we had too much football and needed a break. The latest episodes of BURN NOTICE and PSYCH were still not on the free On Demand, so while flipping through the channels we noticed THE WALKING DEAD and decided, what the heck.

I actually had a hard time deciding on which “survivor” to feature, but decided on Sheriff Rick who seems to be “the leader” for now. Rick is played by Andrew Lincoln, an English actor who also played the role of Mark in LOVE, ACTUALLY. You remember him – the cutie who does that so sexy cue card reading to Keira Knightley (although it is a little troubling that she is his best friend’s wife and you’re rooting for him!).

Have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect from a show about zombies based on a graphic novel from Image Comics, but it kept us watching for six hours. The show has been picked up for another 13 episode season and I’m pretty sure we’ll be watching it!

Photo Credit: LucktheLady@en.wikipedia.com

DragonCon Day 1!

Arrived yesterday and was busy running around gathering everything to set up the booth and during down time, working on the next book in the SINS book – STRONGER THAN SIN. Got a lot done and then everyone started arriving at the hotel. By 7 pm we were down in our booth area, starting to set up for today when the exhibits open at 1.

Here’s step 1 of our booth – # 707 in case you’re down in Atlanta!

We have a beautiful poster for our booth – Surrender to the Night is our theme.

Meet my booth buddies: Joy Nash, me, Susan Sizemore and Raz Steele!

The view from our hotel room!

Last night was a blast, but tiring. We didn’t get to the restaurant for dinner until nearly 9:30 because we were setting up the booth and getting organized. The restaurant was close to the bar and what a sight! Dozens of people in costumes. Storm troopers, Star Trek officers, a zombie Elvis serenading people. Lots and lots of men in kilts and let me tell you – whoa, very sexy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera then (will learn to always keep it with me!), so I hope to have more pictures for you either later today or tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

You can see all of the photos here as well: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2032752&id=1130005412&l=ec573e286a