Human Hideouts

Where do you go when you need to get away from the Vampire Underworld that’s sucking you into the darkness? Here’s some of the locations where the humans live and hide-out in THE CALLING vampire novels.

Artemis Shelter in Spanish Harlem
Location: Spanish Harlem, Manhattan

Samantha Turner has suffered brutality at the hands of men too many times in her life. After nearly 140something years of hard work and learning the ropes about grants and endowments, Samantha manages to buy this brownstone in Spanish Harlem and opens the Artemis Shelter. The Artemis Shelter houses a few women and their families and provides a halfway house until they are able to break free from their violent homes and find their own way.

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Ricardo’s Botanica
Location: Spanish Harlem, Manhattan

In DEVOTION CALLS, Ricardo Fernandez poses as a santero and owns a botanica in Spanish Harlem. Botanicas are stores selling religious items or items for use in the AfroCuban religion of Santeria. That includes things like books, herbs, minerals, stones, pottery and metal urns for Orishas, metal or wood figures or other ritual objects for Orishas, and even jewelry.

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Luigi’s Restaurant
Location: Near Federal Plaza,

In DARKNESS CALLS, Ryder and Diana share a meal in Diana’s favorite place — Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. It’s the kind of place you can’t live without. Nothing fancy, but the staff is like family and the food is standard fare served in heaping mounds.

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