Thanksgiving Surprise!

To celebrate the Thanksgiving season, my friend and fellow Nocturne author, Lisa Renee Jones and I are having a contest.  To win one of the two great prizes below, e-mail Lisa with the correct answers to the following questions:

What is the name of the FBI Agent in Caridad’s DEATH CALLS?

What are the titles for Lisa’s next two releases?

Lisa’s e-mail is and here are the prizes:













15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Surprise!”

  1. Glad to hear that Caridad! ~ always great to see how grand mordern medicine sometimes people in need like yourself. At least you’ll be up and about before Christmas and New Year.

  2. Thanks to all of you for your wishes for a speedy recovery! I am already home from the hospital and feeling great. Modern medicine is really amazing.

  3. Hello Caridad,

    I saw on Lisa Renee’s blog about your surgery. I hope you recover fast and feel alot better really soon. Welcome Home hun.


  4. ((Waving))) Hello Caridad!
    Just saw post on Lisa’s blog that you had surgery – well I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    By the way I think your name is so unique, does it mean something? I live in South Africa and some of my colleagues have african names which have a special meaning.

  5. Hey Caridad, love the contest idea!

    Hope your writing is well and I look forward to seeing you and Lois in a few weeks at B&N for the Edison Writers Group!


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