Special Blog Contest

To celebrate the release of DEVOTION CALLS my January release, I’m having a special blog contest during the month of January and ending on February 14th!

You could win a tin of Hershey’s limited edition cherry cordials!

So blog away on any earlier posts or answer one of my daily questions:

Today’s Question: What is your top New Year’s Resolution?

I’ll tell you my top two: To lose weight and to sell another book!

23 thoughts on “Special Blog Contest”

  1. To read the books on my TBR pile quicker. It’s gradually growing every day and Christmas didn’t help much!

  2. My resolutions is to try to be a better person. At least that is one that I can not break…lol

  3. Mine is to lose weight, at least 10 more pounds. I just had a baby in October so I need to do that and I would like to start exercising at least 3 times a week.

  4. my top resolutions:

    #1–quit smoking
    #2–read more
    #3–eat MORE chocolate–what the heck, somethins gotta replace those cigarettes!!!!!!!!


  5. I think my biggest resolution is to improve myself on the inside. To really develope my actions and thoughts and then I think the rest will follow

  6. first time I made it to blog after days of trying–error message a lot. my resolution is to quit smoking–I know–filthy disgusting expensive smelly habit and it makes me ashamed. And makes my kids ashamed–it is a HABIT and an addiction–I am gonna need help with this one. Cherry Hersheys–how cool.

  7. My resolution is to try and go to bed without regrets.
    And to loose weight.

    So far so good 🙂


  8. Caridad, I so know your resolution for books will happen and too all the best with the weight lost!

    My resolutions are more like ongoing ones cuz I don’t do good with just making one. So mine are:
    1. To speak up more with the doc’s to help me with my health/pain
    2. To read more books that come out (I do alot of re-reads and backlists)

  9. My number one resolution is to try to be a better person all year long. That is the one I know I will not break.

  10. Ooo great contest 🙂

    #1 To read more & faster *G*

    #2 To talk to my family more & spend time with them.

    #3 To do things that I need to do and finish with out stopping.


  11. My resolution is to try to get settled in a regular sleeping pattern to beat my insomnia. I get a lot of reading done but I still have a draggin’ butt in the mornings!

  12. My new years resolution this year is to spend more time with my family. Things can happen really fast and before you know it they’re gone. I don’t want to waste or regret anything.

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