Fashionably Late Fashion Friday

Fashion FriendsI am sooooo sorry for the tardiness of all of my fashion Fridays. I have been doing a lot and sometimes it skips my mind and then on Fridays I get home too late to type up anything and I just fall asleep. But I promise to be more on top of things next week.

So this week I want to talk about t-shirts.

I love the funny one liners on some shirts. Some obviously are not meant for school or at work but others are just too funny you have to laugh.

There is this slogan on the shirt

And this one:



You can get these and a lot of other funny ones at The t-shirts are $15.00. That is an amazing price!

If you have t-shirts that maybe don’t fit or you don’t like certain aspects of it, there is a book:  Generation t:  108 ways to transform a t-shirt.

They even create a wedding dress. So I give T-shirts a YAY!!!!

3 thoughts on “Fashionably Late Fashion Friday”

  1. i LOVE THEM!!! i have no control when i see them. i have spent 100’s of dollars on t-shirts just because i love the sayings. and i may not even like the shirt so then i use the saying and stuff and transform the shirt into something i would use.

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