What I love most besides shoes, purses & t-shirts!

Sammie and friend doing American Idol at Madame Tussauds in NYCSo this week I have decided to write about what I love most besides shoes, purses, and t-shirts.

I know you are wondering what could possibly be more wonderful. The answer: Jewelry!!!!!

I love to accessorize with a cute pair of earrings and a nice necklace. My favorite bracelet is the Lucky Brand Jeans bracelet. It is basically a strip of leather that says “Live In Love”. How perfect since Valentines Day is coming up. As well as a cute pair of earrings.

My favorite two pairs of the moment are heart shaped. One pair I own has a stick figure boy and girl and they say “I love you.” The other pair is just hearts a smaller pinker heart inside. I love love. I am not in love though. Sadly. *tear tear*. I AM OUT. And like the bracelet says LIVE IN LOVE!!!

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  2. LOL I was a tomboy too. Wasn’t until I got married that I started caring about jewelry. Dumb huh? I’m always admiring jewelry on the ladies I see at work. This one lady makes neclaces out of intricate beads so small I’d have a hard time stringing them myself and when I asked her for a website because I wanted to buy one she didn’t have one and isn’t selling any at the moment. She just does it for pleasure. It was a beautiful western style neclace that I would have given my eyeteeth for…hahaha I love people magazine too but lately it’s been werewolf, vampire, ghost etc love stories that has been my thing. Oh I’ll read a ton of other things two…usually have two to three books going at a time but I’m just trying to get away from it all for a while so anything not so close to real life has been my getaway.

  3. MOM you are a TOMBOY!!!! and i love books too. i buy fashion books. that is why i love fashion. books and magazines always keep me in touch with the new fashions and fashion crazes. Jewlery rocks. and something a simple as a ring or braclett make and putfit ten times better. no matter what the outfit.

  4. It’s great that reading and other things, like jewelry, help us de-stress and find an escape from things. Sammie, by Fashion Friday contributor, always manages to find funky kinds of earrings, bracelets and things to put together at all kinds of places! She’s just like my mom, who was always put together just so. Me, I’m a tomboy.


  6. Don’t get me wrong, jewelry is very nice….especially if it’s a ring or earrings but frankly I’m more impressed with a trip to a bookstore. With two special needs children and a hubby who is trying to leave this world and me I find that reading is my only stress reliever.

  7. I don’t wear much jewerly but was given a bracelet that an author made with beads and it was so beautiful and comfortable. I hate taking it off. Might sound odd, but it made me feel more prettier with it on. Its the second one (first one I got, I slept in it and it broke)

    I too love earings and would love to get some necklaces. So I don’t wear it cuz I don’t have it, but so love it. Especially in this time when being ill, it feels good to ‘pretty up; myself like with jewerly or make up!

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