Back to the Super Bowl and How It made me think of Romance Novel Covers

Okay, in what has become almost a bigger event than the game — the ads!!! It was tough to choose a favorite this year, but I have to say it was the ad for the HHR (down below).

Why? Okay, there’s something about all those guys ripping their clothes off that was too funny. And if you haven’t gathered from watching the assorted video trailers on the site, I’m a sucker for a nicely chiseled chest and abs. Which may also account for why I like watching sports so much.

Which had me thinking about romance novel covers and the age old discussion of whether a good naked guy or a sexy pose on the cover sells more books.

So what do you think?

I have to say, there are some covers that immediately snared my attention. My friend Eloisa James’s THE TAMING OF THE DUKE. Wow! Another friend, Debra Mullins, had a beautiful cover for SCANDAL OF THE BLACK ROSE which featured a woman’s naked back.

So, if a nice naked hunk or sexy female pose helps on the cover, what about a passionate embrace? Yes? No?

What about the covers of DEATH CALLS and DEVOTION CALLS (down below)?

DEATH CALLS by Caridad Pineiro DEVOTION CALLS by Caridad Pineiro

Which one screams dark sexy romance to you more? Now, Diana and Ryder from DEATH CALLS are definitely dark, sexy and romantic, but as the author of the two books, I’d have to tell you that DEVOTION CALLS is just as sexy and romantic. Possibly more dangerously romantic because of the nature of the hero and heroine.

Ricardo, with his psychic powers, is very intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. TOTALLY SEXY in his ability to connect with others, especially Sara. But, as an ex-soldier, also strong and in command. Totally capable of kicking chupacabra demon butt.

The cover accurately captures key scenes from the book — namely, Ricardo searching in the sewers for the demon. These are tense action scenes as Ricardo is trying to end the threat to his neighbors and to Sara.

But would a cover with a sexy scene between him and Sara have captured your attention more?

What do you think? What do you like to see on romance novel covers? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Anyhow — here’s my favorite Super Bowl ad for you!

14 thoughts on “Back to the Super Bowl and How It made me think of Romance Novel Covers”

  1. Definitely the hearts and waves were not at all like the wonderful mainstream book within the covers.

    I will say that I like the covers of many of the urban fantasy books — mostly featuring women. There’s something so kick-butt about them, that they immediately pull me over.

  2. I will choose a book for the cover. The first romance novel I ever bought for myself was Warrior’s Woman by Johanna Lindsey and you know who was on the cover. I didn’t buy it because of Johanna….
    So what do I get for a cover? Hearts and waves?
    Oh, well. A hot guy in the waves would have made me feel better.

  3. Kimberley, you can’t believe the art sheets we fill out for most publishers. We also send them pictures and the like. I’ve been lucky that most of my covers are pretty accurate, both with respect to the covers and the back jacket content.

    I have friends where the cover and blurb where nothing at all like the book and that could really disappoint a reader who was looking for something light or funny and got something dark instead.

  4. A see a lot of peopel use those book covers that keep your sweaty hands off the book. LOL! I have one friend who uses them for the subway except when she reads my books. Then she lets them all see the cover — she’s doing promo, she tells me. You’ve gotta love such awesome friends.

  5. DEATH CALLS is my fave as well of all of them. MORE THAN A MISSION was pretty sexy though, too. Abs?! I will definitely go check out that cover.

  6. I like all type of covers of those two of your my fav is Death calls. But if you like the abs on a cover check out Gena showalters the Nymph King. Don’t know who the model but dayumn he’s sexy.

  7. I like the bare chest and hot guy on the covers. I really only see it for a short time, though, because I use a book cover so my books won’t get dirty. lol

  8. when choosing a book, I generally read the back, then the inside blurb. But I also judge the book by the cover. If the heroine / hero physical description does not match the cover, that just plain annoys me. Hello – how hard is it to make sure that everything jells?

    For the first blog entry of my life, I thought I just share this pet peeve.

  9. My daughter and I also just laughed and laughed at that commercial! The other cute one was the down on his luck dog who becomes a dalmatian when he gets dirty and joins the Budweiser float. That was too cute!

    The DEVOTION CALLS guy is cute. I pictured him looking more like Benjamin Bratt, but this model was attractive.

  10. Funny you should mention that commercial. We were watching it this weekend: my 70 year old mother, me (47), my 21-year-old daughter and my TWELVE year old…and we just laughed so hard. My mom said something about the men that just made the rest of us LOOK at her and I am not repeating it. 🙂

    As for sexy covers, yes and no. It’s tricky. If the guy is hot, of course, I am intrigued, but if not, then it’s too cheesy for me. I’ll take the guy on Devotion Calls any day.

  11. That sexy guy or couple will snare my eyes at times — of course, as I mentioned, I’m a sucker for a nice chest and abs.

    Color is important as well, I think. Someone once mentioned to me that purple was not a good color because people didn’t notice it.

    LOL! Tell that to Prince.

  12. I do love sexy covers too. Really an extra bonus to a great story. And your covers really are fabulous, Caridad!

  13. Thanks, Cathy. I love that cover as well! Especially the tattoo on her shoulder that I’d been waiting for since DARKNESS CALLS. I hope to have my May cover soon and will show it to you all as soon as I have it!

  14. I have to agree with you…that was one great commercial ! Also, I love the sexy, half nude pictures on a cover, and I really like the cover of your book, Death Calls…It’s just plain sexy with a hint of danger.

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