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I’ve spent the morning writing and researching for my holiday vampire anthology. Why researching? Well, the hero, Hadrian, is a vampire who dates back to 303 A.D and Rome. There are one or two flashback scenes to that time and so I’ve been trying to get a sense for what Rome might have been like at that time and what Hadrian might have been doing during the Christmas season.

Christmas season? Well, the fun part about this “Bah, humbug” holiday vampire anthology is exploring the pagan traditions that have contributed to our Christmas customs. In particular, I’m focusing on the Roman customs (some of them deriving from Egyptian festivals) which have shaped our Christmas holiday.

Of course, online research can only give you so much info. So what’s a girl to do?

Luckily, my family and I are headed to Rome at the end of the month. Perfect for research. I can’t wait to walk along the Tiber and picture how Hadrian might have loaded his merchandise for shipment to Ostia, the main seaport in ancient times.

I want to walk in the Roman Forum and stand before the steps of the Temple of Saturn and imagine how the Romans would kick off the Saturnalia festivities which are key to this vampire anthology.

I hope to include all those experiences in Hadrian’s viewpoint and breathe life into this vampire character.

Here’s what I hope to see. Imagine it filled with Romans, ready to begin the festive Saturnalia season!

Temple of Saturn

And yes, I promise I will try to post about my adventure and load some pictures so you can visit Rome with me.

6 thoughts on “What I’m working on now”

  1. Is that the same Hadrian that built the wall between England and Scotland to keep the barbarians out?

    Rome sounds wonderful – Have a great time!

    I’m going to Scotland in June, I’ll send you pictures of the wall.


  2. I was there so long ago. I’ve already purchased the travel books and I’ve been busy scouring them for ideas on what to see and when. I will take loads of pictures and try to post them as soon as I can!

  3. ohhh sounds divine Caridad … wish I too was visiting! I was last in Rome in the late 90’s and I so adored it! Love the country, hope to visit soon again. Possibly towards the end of the year as I’m spending Christmas in Monaco ;o)
    But yes, makes us jealous *lol* and send lotsa pictures

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